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  • So tired of games not loading but they say that they are sorry that I am having problems. They also told me that my game had been refunded. I would like to know when. Anyone else having this problem with support?

  • Tis 4 am. Not quite sure what I am doing here. X

  • Doh x

  • @milwscruffy--click on Account, then Account Statement. You should find the game number there: Glad you got the dates straightened out.

  • Time for an update from RG , possible time scale for moving forward at least. Being patient is fine by me but is now wearing thin so some news would benefit. Best site to use when working.

  • Well today makes twice this week I did the spinner and no game loaded.

  • glad midsommar till alla spelare

  • Have a nice midsummer

  • And the weird thing is you can play a regular game repeatedly, and then the big tourney game won't close and you get nothing. This happens to me regularly. I don't even care anymore. It's just lame but will get fixed one day. Weird? Maybe. Lame? Definitely.

  • So new experience for me, played the daily VIP diamond spinner game. Picked $2.20 Sticheroo game, scored well 35670, went to close the game and the game when to zero on the time to close. Game never fully closed and it doesn't exist on the "My games" list. Nowhere to be found, not a zero score even

  • Terror1001, that did the trick, all good now and thanks !

  • @qaz, not "British flag", UK flag. Two different entities. Due to the secession of Ireland, and from the date in that article, I suspect this was a proposal in advance of that happening.

  • @FJS, wasn't necessary before, just needed a rudimentary knowledge of Flash.

  • @CopperBelly: Who would know more about how to design and implement a bot . . . than those who know the technical, inner workings of the games?

  • The more you play this game (MM) the more you get used to it. Practice almost makes perfect!!

  • Yep, too many are so similar it's hard to tell them apart. The old version had subtle differences but which were a bit more obvious in the corner of your eye. Can't they just copy back the old designs onto this version?

  • The only good game they've left on here worth playin is Mahjong Masquerade. Unfortunately they let Marjorie in human resources redraw all the faces & she promptly anglicized them. Gone r the artful Asian masks. She colored them w her Crayola markers, turned them into cartoons & made a mockery of it!

  • OMA’S birthday list 25 June: --- EMKJS --- HAIRSTYLIST ---INGER602 --- MS.SUE_MCADAM --- PYTRE886 ---ROSARUM.FR --- SEXYBUM2 --- SPORTSONFILM ---VANHAPOIKA------ Thanks x x

  • hummm sounds like people have "bots" on the brain today.

  • AH FREEJAMSOCIETY YOU HAVE HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! yes my family & i came to that conclusion awhile ago. thousands of fake made up accounts of bots run by the company itself/no oversight/no one watching/they do what they want/throttle the losses/funnel the winnings right where they want them. SAD