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  • Who’s ma bay x

  • Wow swearing and calling us Brits nasty names; well done and you managed to find the CAPITALS key all in one posting! LOL!

  • Well documented crystal voyage.

  • Yawn, if you had half a brain you'd know that a large proportion of King employees are sunning themselves in their U.S. offices. Perhaps you'd like to try again, this time aiming in the right direction? ;)


  • Have just been into settings and hopefully stopped receiving any more messages. Didn't realise I could do this.

  • Another 17 friends added. Very tired of erasing them. One more bad point about this site now.

  • So im contacting them once again about the withdrawl issues. Response i get is : Dont accept freinds requests we are aware of the issue .....Seriously ...just automated replies from support not even reading the message...really RG??? Thanks for nothing .

  • Thank you Susan and Just breathe, everything working ok this morning. Just makes you mad that the games were playing fine a couple of hours earlier and then just black screens.

  • Not that easy Polly! Read my posts then you might understand? maybe not??? but I can assure you it's no drama! Maybe you did not get any friends requests??? well if you do? you know what to do now... :-)))

  • I will turn my challs/ on for a short while! But trust me I will check who you are before I reply! I was taught that many years ago by many good players on this site... I can't say how I know? but I will know if your a hacker/spammer... Good luck & hope my posts help you! & also RG's. "E" :-)

  • This could take a few day's to be resolved??? by RG's If you get challs/ off the spammers then do not play or visit them just screenshot & submit! It makes it easier for the site to track them! Just trust me on this even if you don't know me? stay safe & take care... "E" :-)))

  • I'm only trying to help! So I don't want any back chat! I've had two emails off RG's in the last 24 hrs. Like many players say? turn your messages off! Easy said than done I know! Contact your friends via challenges! Even if you don't play? send them your personal messages there! 2nd

  • now what 's wrong with this site i have 62 player scam want to be friends in 24 hours.can't fix your game,it's way far from fun now.

  • And now it's 32 friend request. I don't even think I know that many people.!

  • @Sn1per, yes noticed that rather comic gaffe yesterday, german messages from UK, English messages from germany etc... Still, water off a duck's back here, I only speak Hottentot and Farsee. ;)

  • @JustaSmyle and others, in the same boat here, messages are off and using silver. Kingy, if this is a bot attack, surely by now you know the IP being used, block it. Oh, and giving us back our friend feed would help us a lot to get through this.

  • I've just been hit with the swathe of Duelcash "friends". Needless to say, I rejected them all, though it was funny seeing users supposedly from India and Peru writing their friend request Swedish.

  • @Enok3, no it's nothing to do with Royal, it's a scam site. Unfortunately we've been targeted, probably because of the sorry state this place has become, scammers think we're an easy target. :(

  • Glen's getting about a bit, last time I looked he was working at King still. ;)