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  • Ah, I see I am not alone. I have 18 friend requests. They started today at 7:15 AM then continuing the entire morning one after the other. There must be a lot of lonely people out there who need friends!! ( :^D)

  • Ignore anything from gamesite, ******cash. You are in control of your account page.

  • What the heck is going on I too received 7 friend request before I thought about it I accepted then I thought how strange I checked and they all from different countries but all created accounts today, a few minutes apart. I sent RG's a support ticket asking them to check on it.

  • Hi everyone! I've had 19 friend requests! I blocked all via friends & enemies! I only seen one from UK which was also connected. Then I had to delete in my mail box. Do not visit them I don't think it's safe! And yes Dina some of the messages were saying! Royal Games recommend Duel Cash! NOT TRUE...

  • Ignore everything. You are in control of your account page.

  • One of the numerous friend requests said that Royal Games has announced a partnership with DuelCash. Also, "Jessica" apparently has umpteen accounts at Royal Games. I have seen no such announcement from Royal Games. What is going on? I deleted all of those 16 requests since I don't believe them.

  • Shucks! I thought I was popular!! LOL!! What's with all these people who have unlimited time to send friend requests? Is there a chance for a buck that I'm missing?

  • Same here! Please clean up this problem Clown Prince.

  • I'm far more popular than you!! I have about 23 requests and I see another has just popped up. Getting repetitive strain injury I think by deleting & blocking them!! They are so pointless. G23 x

  • ive just had 13 so called friends but deleted them all all started on king today !!

  • LOL like everyone else Ive now had 13 (unlucky for some) friend requests, just clicked on the first one and erased it ...and then all the rest, takes seconds, but I agree with the rest of you, annoying and pointless - this Site just gets worse - getting fed up....!!!

  • These spanners couldn't get through to us on the blog so now they're trying to be our "friends"??? Good luck with that!

  • @nick134--Jag tror inte att någon härifrån vill gå med på den webbplatsen. De här människorna är bara spammare.

  • det är inte okej att bojkotta Royal Games. så jag undrar i mellan åt varför göra reklam för det är inte säkert att någon vill spela där inne

  • What is up with all these friend requests?

  • So King is accepting vampires now at 222 years of age. They must be desperate!

  • @ mews - LOL at FIEND!!! Made me chuckle!!!

  • @Mrs.Gemstar, that happened to me once. Then I found out that if I change the question to more general, it would go through to support.

  • sorry I have marked for no new friend request. My cat keeps getting in the way of typing!

  • i've marked for now friend request