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  • Fake friend requests are back - thought this was handled by RG ... :-( Looks like duel's techies are working overtime. Toooo annoying.

  • I had one spammer troll "friend" request today. My messages have been turned on for over a week and today's "friend request" was the only one. I hope rg catches whoever the troll/trolls are. pfft

  • still getting these friends requests , is someone playing a fool?

  • I had my messaging turned off for days, turned it back on and here we go again with duelcash spammers. What the hell is wrong with this site? They can't even block duelcash? I am tired of complaining to Support. No doubt this site got a hack job months back for sure.

  • @kaspage Be happy that you cannot see the others! :D If you are for example 120th you can see all the players above.. ;D

  • Wow whole 16p I have 06p hahaaaa winning that one so far

  • Hi Emco absolutely! I will update on my earnings!!!

  • Hi Ernco, no there are only 20 winners but 22 names on the list, which there has only been 22 on the list from this mornings spinner which was beach buddies

  • @madamskie : 16 pence are enough to play the Klondike solitaire. Maybe you become richer, in case you win. :D

  • @kaspage You probably mean the spinner. There are only 22 winners, therefore it shows you only the 22 winners. ;)

  • steenbakkerij zou ik doen misschien wordt je dan wat bewuster en wat wijzer en dat deze site niet om te gokken is maar om vaardigheden en je geest up data houden en voor de fun , verpest niet het sociale good will. van deze site.

  • Hi all, I played the freegame today and I was 4th and only 22 players which I took a photo, I have checked again and now I am 8th and there is 4 new players above me but it still says only 22 players, any explanation to this, thanks in case anyone has got an answer to this

  • I have to laugh...I had 11 pence in my account and recently won some money on a Freeroll...I now have the princely sum of 16 pence in total...I could use this as a savings account, LOL!!!

  • if we can't deposit and we can't get our withdrawls, sounds like RG's bank account is frozen to me

  • There are so many issues in this game, both to playing and get our money out, so maybe we shall consider to join the other playsite? Im sick and tired of all this

  • Ben bezig met mijn bed verschonen en aan het spelen dan weer aan het soppen en aan het wassen en aan het spelen dan de vloer en de andere was ophangen lekker in de frisse lucht ga zo brood eten met aardbeien en lekker spelen super dag.

  • EWO......the video is awesome....she is very talented

  • I sent support query to support and got message back that the Tuesday free rolls not available this week, issue. But Friday free rolls should be back on Friday. They know an issue/problem happened.

  • Will we get any friday freerolls this week????

  • Hello everyone! Thanks for the link J/B My Daughter works with Acrylics everyday in Graphic Design. Very clever & interesting!!! Watch & enjoy! "E" :-) x