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  • Not seeing any free rolls in the calendar.

  • Seems the hackers are back sending friend after friend request.

  • SasieFras, now that is a real issue to be concerned about, I hope that no-one is injured and that everyone remains safe. slainte Sile

  • sorry... 20 miles away is Farmington in the Central Valley

  • @susan... it was 4.8 & centered about 20 miles away... But... as of a couple minutes ago there were 6 quakes since then in the State

  • OMA'S birthday List 9 of July: -------- DARTINGRAY[uk] -------------- GARYCHURCHWARD --- JR.IE.MAD --- MELLENE ---SPECKLITE---------------- THANKS xxx

  • I hope you keep safe SasieFras that Is very bad

  • bad was it and where?

  • Irene I didn't know you could move the "rock" with the magic hand! ..of course I never read the instructions either.. duh!


  • @salboes, very funny! You're right though, I just read instructions for the game and nowhere do they mention a "rock" in the HTML5 version. The original game, as I recall, instructed to move the "rock" with "magical hand" to an already dug-up area. You still can do it, or put on the grassy ledge.

  • lol Sile . Like it

  • Oh bless them how bored they must be perhaps a joke ' My dentist was voted "Dentist Of The Year".... He didn't get a trophy, they just gave him a little plaque.' I know very nearly lol :)

  • I may be late on it, and you probably all know this, but just in case... I'm quite sure the spammers get our names from this blog. I have a friend I chat with here- she never has gotten one of those requests. She also never came to this blog. They're watching us 00

  • Easy to do, don't lock in friend request and not anser the been the sean the have none anser and no accepted request about friend's in the game! Only the best are to abuse to support team in RG. Hang on!

  • I know I'm like a broken record but why turn your messages off because of mindless eejits, simply press handle request and then block then back arrow block and back arrow etc takes seconds >>

  • there is a shuty button.. it's called don't read a message that triggers your liberalism...

  • @misty.. same here.

  • I was getting friend requests from the unknown weirdo spammers...lots of them daily so i just switched off to receive messages and havent had one single friend request since...maybe a coincidence but i think switching off messages helped!

  • shitheads