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  • Recently came back to this site as I still have a deposit here, really disappointed with the lack of word games even though the tab still exists. It really isn't as good as it used to be. What's happened?


  • "No Deposit, No Return" in the

  • Please restore the Deposit option ----- When will this happen??

  • does anyone ever , get to ur on fire but when ur just about to play your last game to get a reward , the ur on fire cuts out so you can,t get the double bonus on the jewels ???

  • none are free rolls

  • When will I be able to deposit money again so I can play. And when are the really good games coming back. Mostly rubbish right now - and with no money I can't even play those. Hurry up PLEASE.

  • Another bunch of shit, half the games do not play and when I do theu give a zero, lot of BS from these people.

  • Why no freerolls? It is Friday, right?

  • när ska man kunna sätta in pengar igen? Är det Paypal de har stoppat, eller? Varför blir inte problemet löst? Kan man sätta in pengar på nåt annat sätt? Många frågor på en gång! Nån som vet?

  • Is this blog closed or is everyone losing interest in this site?

  • Hi x

  • @DGLIFE, they probably have their messages and challenges turned off and unless they turn both functions back on, you won't be able to reach them.

  • How may I restore ability to write to and challenge fellow players?


  • UNCHECK THE BOX for receiving messages. :)

  • For the duelcash spammers TURN OFF (uncheck the box) IN YOUR SETTINGS.

  • @daveshuber1, these are for last Friday. Look in July Freeroll (above) for the current ones.

  • 3 games, I love treasure, Beached Buddies and cat corner not on the free this time yet shows to be.

  • Thnx com and sasie, they have appeared this morning but weren't there yesterday under any of the headings. I'll only be playing three of these ones, can't see the appeal of a "game" involving animals and fire but that's maybe just me.