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September Freerolls!

3rd September

Princess Peony HTML5

Puff Fish Poppers HTML5

Release The Creeps HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5

7th September

Pet Rescue HTML5 

Pepper Panic HTML5 

Papa Pear HTML5 

Monster Fever HTML5  


10th September

Mahjong Masquerade HTML5 

LuckyLantern HTML5 

Klondike Solitaire HTML5 

Klicker Fusion HTML5


14th September

Kalorie King HTML5 

I Love Treasure HTML5 

Hoop de Loop HTML5 

Beached Buddies HTML5

17th September

Golf Solitaire HTML5 

Gin Rummy HTML5 

Farm King HTML5 

Diamond Digger HTML5 


21st September

Cat Corner HTML5 

Bubble Saga HTML5

Candy Crush HTML5 

Bubble Witch HTML5

24th September
Pet Rescue HTML5 

LuckyLantern HTML5 

Kalorie King HTML5 

Gin Rummy HTML5


28th September

Gin Rummy HTML5 

Bubble Saga HTML5 

Candy Crush HTML5 

Bubble Witch HTML5


Good Luck

/The Clown Prince



  • C_V , recently I won €3.50 €2.75 and €3.25 = €950. I have never deposited any money since 2008. I always play with money I won and as soon as I won it the faster I lost it again . You're right it's monopoly money. It circulates within the site, it can go on for years.

  • @susan, that's the scam, NWF just never go away, not until your real money does, and they breed. Every time you get a game refund, it's in NWF even if you entered with real money, there's now millions of pounds locked into the site. :(

  • I should have posted this weeks ago when I seen it on the! Gold Spinner working. Ok off I go & good luck too all... "E" :-)))

  • The other thing I noticed? but can only speak for UK players! I just played the! Gold Spinner & it worked apart from my score! LOL. Not all can play late at night due to working! Try it late at night when your not working. I did not have to change any settings on my computer & no will I ever! GL :-)

  • @Jean thank you for posting the Birthday/Anniversary list..Happy Birthday & Anniversary everyone! Boy its' a long one today :-)

  • @mrn70 I get the Pepper game to load if I clean my cache and do not play any games before I play that one. Hope that works for you if you try it.

  • All I can say is? worth a try! But you must use your correct emails for this site. And to my dear friend Robin here for a long time now! I sent a call I'm deeply saddened for your loss... Loves you girl & always in my thoughts!!! Email me or phone me when ready! "E" XX

  • OMA’S birthday list 23rd September: --- FIREHORSE35 ---HEIDI148 --- HERTSMAN --- ODALV26 --- NOZMAZ ---PINAPPLE1000 --- SKYLARKSH24 ---Royal Anniversary: PLATINA.NL(14 years) --RESCUE.DIVER(11 y) --- Thanks x x

  • I don't know if this will help? when I get problems like many of you with games & so on I not need to explain. I saved Admin Jinx a while back now. He/She was very helpful & sorted my problem out within 24/ hours. I emailed & used! Game Refund Click to show questions. Then I reported to the site.

  • Please please fix the £1.40 daily free Pepper Panic game. It hasn't loaded for the last few weeks - just the dreaded black screen.

  • @silcnlayc I think you need to message the support team with that request..they may not read it here. gl

  • Just spun the wheel and got $3.30 and I chose release the creeps and it would not load. I love that game. Please check and reset so I may play my tournament.

  • @eveline NWF are just the initials for None Withdrawable Funds. If you want to check how many you have click on your withdraw funds request. It lists them there hun.

  • Thank you @Fran. Shoot I don't like that, at least now I know I can use the NWFs..very helpful info for me.

  • What do you mean with the initials NWF? Never heard of that.

  • @susan ...the system automatically uses cash first and then the NWF . The downside is that NWF winnings do not help to maintain your vip status .

  • @flw1335-g..Fran I just checked how much I have in NWF. Do you know if I can use those NWfs to play cash games? I have more NWF than I have actual cash.

  • So, you are telling me that there is no way to deposit or withdrawal my money (I already tried withdraw 20$ via Paypal), never received it... But... yeah, is that it? Are you done King dot com? After Billions with Candy Crush, you don't even refund my 20$ when I put 1000 over 10 years of playing?

  • I still play games for money - not real cash but NWF . Anything that I win is paid in NWF . I am not happy with this.

  • @lillyw it puzzles me too. I just had 37 pence altogether. It took me really months to get it and I lost it very quickly. Beats me how they still can play. We must do something wrong.