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September Freerolls!

3rd September

Princess Peony HTML5

Puff Fish Poppers HTML5

Release The Creeps HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5

7th September

Pet Rescue HTML5 

Pepper Panic HTML5 

Papa Pear HTML5 

Monster Fever HTML5  


10th September

Mahjong Masquerade HTML5 

LuckyLantern HTML5 

Klondike Solitaire HTML5 

Klicker Fusion HTML5


14th September

Kalorie King HTML5 

I Love Treasure HTML5 

Hoop de Loop HTML5 

Beached Buddies HTML5

17th September

Golf Solitaire HTML5 

Gin Rummy HTML5 

Farm King HTML5 

Diamond Digger HTML5 


21st September

Cat Corner HTML5 

Bubble Saga HTML5

Candy Crush HTML5 

Bubble Witch HTML5

24th September
Pet Rescue HTML5 

LuckyLantern HTML5 

Kalorie King HTML5 

Gin Rummy HTML5


28th September

Gin Rummy HTML5 

Bubble Saga HTML5 

Candy Crush HTML5 

Bubble Witch HTML5


Good Luck

/The Clown Prince



  • Hi J/B not sure how it works in USA? but UK you take a warranty out at extra cost/money! And well worth it's at a small charge every year! Hope all is well? "E" :-))) x

  • We have to pay for our own insurance for certain things here.It's in the lease we sign and don't think they will give anything back for food per say.I threw out instead of keeping it inside.No pictures but maintenence proof he was here and saw.I will be shopping again for what I lost.

  • Every time a Black Screen on my free Spin you FUCKING ROBBING BASTARDS

  • OMA'S birthday list 27th September: --- ASIMENA --- BETTY350 --- GEOFF2648 --- Thanks x x

  • Yes! C_V & granite23 are correct what they post Susan, hope all is well with all of you! Stay safe & well too all the other friendly nice players that post here. "E" :-))) x

  • Don't jinx me now? my fridge/freezer have been making funny noises? It's a self defrost one in UK & still under cover I hope? need to check the warranty when I find the paper work! My house is like Lawyers office... LOL! "E" :-) xx

  • Thanks @G23 for the info about the PDSA..they sound like good people :-)

  • @yes granite23 your spot on with your post here! The other post got no Idea! Think you know who I mean!!! LOL. "E" :-))) x

  • Wise decision @JB..better safe than sorry..such a shame though. The apartments might have insurance for that sort of thing. The insurance company might pay for all your food replacement...I'd take pictures and turn in a claim to them.

  • The frozen fruit was all warm when I woke this morning.Along with some meat as well.Wasn't going to take a chance keeping that.The coolers are doing well till tomorrow.

  • Hi all. That's bad news @JB..I'd be lost without my fridge & chest freezer..hope you were able to cook some of that meat and maybe make smoothies with the thawed fruit. Life throws us some curves for sure and they can be expensive.

  • I have ice trays and use filtered water to make them.I use plenty of ice even during cold season.

  • oops circuit board cost $400

  • My apt fridge went out on me and they replaced with new one then double wide fridge I have had over 20 years went out and needed a new circuit board cost $00 but now have both running. B Needed double wide because it had ice maker in it Can't live without ice here in the desert of SW USA

  • It’s a bummer when things happen and not make us happy either.

  • @Jb, that's awful! Last year my fridge finally gave out so most of the food was gone too. Took me about a month to get a new one because of overload in deliveries during the pandemic.

  • I had just went shopping a few days ago.With the high cost of food I couldn’t loose what is in fridge.My son had no room in his freezer as I called him last night.When I need more he takes me shopping.

  • My freezer went on the fritz last night.Maintenance came by this morning and nothing could be done.Lost some frozen meat that thawed and frozen fruit.Then fridge also stopped so the maintenance guy drove to the grocery store and bags of ice with coolers till tomorrow.My kitchen looks like a disaster

  • I love when you play a money game and it crashes and you ask for refund it says bonus in your acct and it's not a withdraw refund but should be.. It's just another way that they don't have to pay out money

  • No freerolls this morning - 0754 EDT. No access to the calendar.