Bedankt RoyalGamers voor het spelen met ons. U kunt nu een oefenspeleraccount registreren bij GameDuell. U ontvangt een EXTRA welkomstbonus bij uw eerste storting wanneer u bij GameDuell opwaardeert naar een geldspelersaccount!
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Royal Games and GameDuell Announce Welcome Bonus

Hi Royal Gamers,

We have some exciting news to share! For everyone who wants to continue to play fun games, we are happy to announce that Royal Games has partnered with popular gaming community GameDuell to offer you a welcome bonus at GameDuell. 


Any Royal Games players can register a new practice player account for free to start playing immediately at GameDuell. And from December 7th, as a Royal Games player you will receive an EXTRA GameDuell welcome bonus with your first deposit when upgrading at GameDuell to a new money player account! This bonus offer will be available until the end of 2022.



To register as a player at GameDuell and take part in the bonus offer, please use the link here

Royal Games thanks you for playing with us and wishes you well on your next adventures!


//The Clown Prince



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  • and by the way; nice to see all you proper players coming out of the woodwork and commenting. What's happened to all the usual "fluffy" people?

  • for those of us that do not have a paypal account maybe you should of offered to transfer money left from here to there.

  • Vill tacka alla som jag har spelat emot på denna spelsida . Blev medlem 2004-12-26 så det blev några år och många spel . Önskar alla en trevlig jul o nyår. Puss o Kram till alla .Mvh Mikael

  • don't like that you have to register and give email etc just to try the site. Binned it

  • Good Bye. I will miss everyone. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite.xoxoxoxo

  • Been here since 2005, have played so many games and will miss the free games and freerolls. The end of an era

  • Been here since 2008. Will miss all the games for sure, hopefully my favorites will turn up elsewhere at some point. Good bye, everybody. Take care and stay safe! Until we meet again! /Qlql

  • I'm really going to miss the games. I played all my favourites last night. Bye everyone - my best wishes to you all. x

  • I just created an account at GD. Looks like you have to play for money after the initial "free trial" thing. I never played for money here. I'm not impressed with the site. I'm pizzed RG didn't even mention this site until now. Move these games to GD now,is the least you can do.

  • Adios fellow gamers. 15 years of gaming comes to end, the first 10 years were AWESOME, many, many great memories and people! sadly a few are no longer with us. Huge mistakes from Midasplayer in managing the site in the last few years but what more can be said?! Take care and enjoy your Christmas

  • GameDuell = Yikes

  • Such a sad day, I'll miss here terribly.... But Happy New Year to everyone who has been here : present, past, and gone...

  • @Solitairish.... You could do that and even open a lawsuit ? Or consider this... Have you just asked them in a pleasant manner ? I have, and the result is that I have been able to withdraw my complete outstanding balance, Non withdrawable funds included.

  • Good bye everyone...Merry Christmas

  • Beste spelers overal ter wereld ,het gaat jullie goed en blijf gezond. De aller beste wensen voor 2022 ,wat zal ik het missen . snik snik

  • Anyone knows any cash/skill player forum or website that Royal Game players are already connecting or can connect if this ever gets taken down or not allow comments?

  • I was on GD and think this is a cheap attempt to boost their user base. You don't have to progress very far in winning games before you literally run out of opponents and wind up playing the same handful of people over and over again. Also, tournaments will shock RG players - 3rd place breaks eve

  • Sounds exciting, but what if someone already has an account with GameDuell? And with a different user name than that used With Thank you. I cried when I read the announcement about the end of my favorite game sight.

  • Just registered and took a look at GameDuell...... no thanks

  • As Spike Milligan would have said re Royal Games gravestone "I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK"