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  • cannot process payment right across the deposit page strange ?

  • when I click on deposit there is no option for any way of making a payment in any option it just says deposits suspended across where usual literature is re amounts and ways to pay ???

  • I just done it too? maybe its only paypal deposits you can't do?

  • I tried and can't be done!!!

  • I clicked on DEPOSIT. I selected £10.00. I put in my password and then pressed on 'return' on my keyboard. Hey presto, !0.00 deposited.

  • Still can't deposit.

  • FreeJamSociety, As I understand the type of dragon (baby, mature etc) depends on the longest dragon you create during the game. Try to get 9 ... or even 12 :-)

  • How did you do that?

  • I just deposited 10.00 .

  • tvl6050 ja niemand kann im Moment.

  • The only thing that seems not right about Lucky Lantern is that I got a "Baby Dragon" rating for my highest score, thus far, over 400,000, and a "Mature Dragon" rating for all my lower scores, below 400,000.

  • Stimmt es das ich noch immer kein Geld uberweisen kann?

  • @sorryjennie just ask them to put your funds back into your account and they will :) that's what i did

  • Totally agree.

  • I had a nice long walk this morning, its' chilly and foggy out today. Next on to my nap..enjoy your day, if you can. Stay safe xx

  • maybe you could have told us some time before you "closed" the deposit, now i didnt have enough money to play anything... And if this paypal thing goes on for a very long time with this withdrawals, why can't you just put them back to our account so we can play,its not fun to just play freegames.

  • It's hit or miss on the spinner games. Black screen on half of them and they take away points saying that we played it when we did not. How come programmers can't put into the code if a 0 score or blackscreen it allows us to replay game. Need to hire good programmers not who they have???????????

  • As said before, just pay the free roll games - if you are that good you may be able to win little! If you know there are problems on the website re: withdrawing, games not playing right, not finishing right - THEN DO NOT PUT MONEY ON, it is your own fault otherwise

  • Everything is going to grind to a halt as if unable to deposit how are we to play the money games? people only have a certain amount in the kitty and I now have lowest amount ever 0.05.not enough to play a game sort this out or lose out

  • Spinner game not loading at all! Yesterday i got a black screen today wont even load!