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  • https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ea/c3/81/eac3816a3ab18b98e9195490044851d7.gif

  • rick_baker I have been without my retirement for several months now. king is dedicating himself to cell phone games and letting this site go bankrupt.

  • Like I always say I will keep plodding along till they lock the doors for good or I pop my clogs lol :))

  • @sleepydove from your user you go to support and send a ticket from there and they will answer you for sure. now they are giving away a $1 bonus for the first 1500 users, I just claimed it and I already received it :-D

  • comgame - that's a tiny bit of good news. But barring a lot of changes soon.....the tide is really rolling out on Royal.

  • There was a turn in events today rick some people have received their withdrawal money so hopefully if that bit is sorted they will re-instate the depositing.

  • Just learning that players can't deposit to their accts. Now we really know we are on borrowed time here. It's sad because you know this site was a money maker before it started to be ignored. Six months into the year and nothing has changed.

  • Not meant to you susan my comment.

  • You know what I say,don't always believe everything you hear from those you don't know.

  • LOL :))))

  • I used to run a dating agency for chickens... But I was struggling to make hens meet!

  • Solitaire is a gamesite staple. Any amount of versions of that one.

  • @kingdom_a1 How come you can contact support at dualcash.... I and others have tried many times but have been unable to.As far as I am concerned their support is non existent just like on here!

  • Card games are of zero interest to me. Can't play them here on Royal because I'm in Texas. But I have been able to play on other sites - just don't like them.

  • rick_baker today they added solitaire which is getting a lot of players and I sent support asking about their games and they replied that they have more than 10 games to release but they are in beta phase :)

  • Good one Susan :)) time to get off cell and will login on pc.

  • I thought maybe he bit his tongue..while laughing ;))

  • did someone say something? ;)

  • Just testing to see if I was talking to myself ;-))

  • Ty, Susan.yes I traveled to see the dates. Something hurt you PW?