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  • Duel cash looks too busy. I like the static graphics of royal games

  • OMA'S birthday list 10 June: ---- -----ARTGAL --- PE...K ------PIXIECANV ------ SINIKKAJUHANI------ thanks x xx

  • Sorry! I run out of letters & spaces! Here it is I talk too much! LOL "E" :-) x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCTKkOjub-E

  • This is something else I had in pastime! But I state a point it was nothing to do with this site... It was a phone call when I was on my computer when my phone rang! Lucky I used my head & knew it was scam! This is a example how they try to trap you. Glad you enjoyed Sol. https://www.youtube.com/wat

  • Unfortunately when you give the idiots an audience to perform for they will act out like ...well idiots!! Giving them no recognition or acknowledgement - and i mean literally none is the best way for them to become bored and jog on! Admittedly though there is rather a lot of them here lately!! lol

  • Elton John got a treadmill for his pet rabbit It’s a little fit bunny

  • Sile, their breeding like rabbits now is it the time of the year! LMAO... "E" :-) x

  • qaz111111 sorry to be the proverbial dog with the bone but like I said to Elaine you are doing their job for them by printing what the message said & naming the site. Some people may take you the wrong way and report you too inadvertently just a thought.

  • @qaz who said I was referring to Thunder? I could be talking about myself for all you know??? anyway have a nice day! I like to read funny & interesting posts! Not negative posts...

  • Yet another troll/scammer > http://prntscr.com/14yp9ao < Oh my he/she must have been so fed up with waiting for his money from here... Oh wait a minute he doesn't seem to have played a game since 2013 lolol you couldn't write it ;)))

  • @EWO ! You can't put links to other people's brain scans up here. It's, well... HEY It's not against canadian law! Never Mind! lol

  • LOL @JT... I'm happy to hear you love YouTube too. Everybody loves YouTube. GOT ANOTHER Text message SENDER: LILMISS60 SENT: 09/06/21 13:19 Message: You are a great player, I recommend the site www.duelcash.com apparently RoyalGames is financing this site but they do not admit it, try the g

  • @Thunder do you think I'm crazy enough to give you my email!!! And as for the shutty? I think you're the one that's needs to do it! Some comments you made are out of order!!! Don't Tango with me... Listen to this? I playing it now while I post! Enjoy! LOL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N4jf6rtyuw

  • Yes people, duelcash went down to move their servers from what I read and I talked to their support and now the site is working better and they solved some errors that users had, it works better now when I load the web, every day the site improves a little more and it shows

  • Society is crumbling and Thunder was BUILT for the apocalypse! I am a HORSEMAN after all!

  • Has anyone been to youtube lately! You have women on there stripping down to their panties for like 100$ a month with only fans accounts and tips. There you go just gave you a career path! If you not making money here, you got plenty of opportunities on you tube. Ridiculous. Open your eyes people.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs1VaQRMfNo This scammers vid is really good Elaine! Thanks, Sol

  • @ewo59 I have the E-mail Paypal sent me at 11:43am this morning .It was to thank me for contacting them. Give me your e-mail. I'll send it to ya! Then, you can shutty as well.

  • Oh ding ding round 3 >> http://prntscr.com/14yeqhz

  • Oh they are but the trollers/spammers are persistent little &%4£€@'# but for them to think that all this plámásing would cut any ice with the general populous is hilarious ;))