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  • just one comment...if you guys dont stop taking in all these fake accounts because they are bothering my friends and I .. we get 30 to 40 a day..if u dont fix it I will have to leave...who cares about freerolls right now when there are trolls everywhere...:-((((((((((((((((

  • @G23, leave a ladder propped up against the trees, my JR worked out how to use them at a very young age, then invented an insane game of catch my attention then leap off the roof so I could catch her! Had to put a stop to that.

  • The freerolls are in the calendar.

  • where are the freerolls today?

  • Ewo I live not far from Howletts and have seen the gorilla and Damien there at the zoo, many thanks for the webpage to watch that, it was amazing

  • Bloody squirrels! My dog (lurcher) wishes he could climb trees!! He loves a good chase in the woods.

  • One of the local family of foxes walked almost alongside me as I returned from shop on Saturday, then today neighbour was reading a book in the garden when a N American tree rat ran straight across him and used him as a springboard up onto the wall.

  • @Geena, when King discovered people were depositing by credit card to get round the Paypal sanction, they blocked them too. No way to pay money in at all now, unless you call round in person with plain brown envelopes stuffed with cash.

  • @caseydunc, I made the same observation several months ago. But since switching to incognito/private browsing, I now sometimes get the higher spin. Must be something cached that's causing it to stick.

  • Here's another for all animal lovers like me! See you soon & enjoy the video. Stay safe & take care! South Wales, UK. "E" :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTE4pS5I-Is

  • I wish someone from RG was smart enough to explain to everyone that they can't legally accept deposits when you are unable to withdraw anything. Once the withdrawals get straightened out, then everyone will be able to deposit again.

  • skits99 - RG was never using deposits for operating income. Their income is from the percentage or "rake" they take from cash games played. Still a lot of play, so they still are making money... just not as much, because of less play than usual.

  • this site is going to hell in a hand cart. First it was they deleted a lot of games because they wouldn't anymore. Then, it's been weeks since we have been able to make a deposit to keep playing 'paid!' games. Now, messages are all from scammers directing us to their other site costs more. TX

  • My wife and I are very fortunate to live in the country near a lot of woods. We both love wildlife, and get to see chipmunks, squirrels, red fox, raccoons, bunnies, groundhogs, turkey, deer, and a occasional skunk among others! Too many birds to name, but bald eagles are one of them!

  • if they won't let you deposit, what are they using to operate?

  • @ hydrowave I understand your concerns! My concern is? it's not safe for any of us yet! And might go on a long time yet! Best wishes, from South Wales, UK. Please take care & go on your vibes like I do. "E" :-)

  • I know you all like all sorts of animals! But the Chimps are my favourite? So funny & intelligent!!! LOL. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IEHXcqOSCg "E" :-)

  • on my vaca at niagra falls any tips out of my bubble scary

  • You might disagree with me? that's fine I understand! I see the flights coming in to my local "Airport " & going out! It's crazy!!! All Country's can survive no matter where you are in the World! My vibes we will have another lockdown soon? hope I'm wrong for all our sakes!!!

  • OMA'S birthday list 15 June: --- 8384 ------ LARGETOE ------LINDBY.BIRGITTAL ------URSHI.CH---------- support please for PURPLERAINE, she needs a stomach surgery tomorrow. ---- thanks xxx