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  • Go after whom ever it is and let us be.This is not the place to do it,other ways are.

  • Why are posting that?

  • I know you guys just want your blog back but you are being used and you need to fight back in more ways than just reporting the spam!

  • Site from hell is playing the system. Due to RG spam, google the site and it almost looks legit. Bad reviews brought TrustPilot to the top but he saw it - it's why he reviewed his own site. Unfortunately, without bad reviews and traffic, snippets from RG bb will probably rise to the top again.

  • I don't like duelcash.com. This site is much better when it works. I

  • just more b.s. scammers trying to wreck our blog..I know I should just ignore them..and I will right after I turn them in. Go away and leave us alone please.

  • the unnamed-site now moved to Strasbourg (current capital city of EU, right?) lol

  • duelcash.com is a royalgames site, curiously they have their servers in united kingdom now, besides that duelcash site has hundreds of users in only 1 week of launching, is it possible that a site has so many users in such a short time.

  • Thought this blog would be peaceful but guess not.The never ending story every day.

  • Love how they let people talk about another site when RG is funding that site. LOL

  • Very strange I got a spam message in German from a person this morning, so I blocked and checked but they had been removed. I've just had another message from same person 20 mins ago, how can that be? Curiouser and curiouser.

  • > of the month anyway.

  • Mum-z No unfortunately you have to open it to delete and or block the sender but at least blocking from the message means you don't have to visit their profile to do it, alternatively if you get the gist of the contents by the first few words don't bother opening at all it will drop out at the end>>

  • Thanks for the heads-up. Just got message from evasusan3 (not found) which header reads Sie sind ein erstaun... (you are an amazing player). Can you remove message without actually opening it?

  • @KMS57, just as I suspected about the "unmentionable".

  • Anybody who's bored should drop in over at TrustPilot.com and leave a review for the unnamable site and RG. Of course, RG has already been hammered but venting is so much fun!

  • Your welcome,I would say more peaceful :)

  • @ JB, thank you. It really gets empty here now, doesn't it?

  • If you can't find them they are gone like many are going with them.

  • Does anyone knows djsagen. Received a message but can't find the profile. Maybe a spammer?