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  • OMA'S birthday list 13 June: ------------ DIVNA --- EVIEWHIRL ---GIANTFAN1943 --- MA.K9 --------------------- Thanks xxx

  • Still get black screens on spinner games..Can't RG fix this and have the programmers program into the games if there is a zero score we get to replay the game. Good programmer could do it. I have had over 60 black screens and RG comment is that it's your computer. BS BS BS

  • Turn them into support.The more they talked about here the messages will continue.Just needs to end for us to have our blog back.

  • I got two message from kathi106 ~ Text message SENDER: KATHI106 SENT: 11/06/21 19:48 Block User Message: Hallo Freund, wissen Sie, warum viele royalgames-Benutzer jetzt auf duelcash.com spielen? danke.

  • It is logical that hackers are present here, if you are on this chat page, the site is not secured. Look in your browser, click on lock.

  • That player is closed up.You can check on most visitors lists.Someone must have turned that one in.Jb

  • @Kathi106 Ask Nico why he ditched the cow on the tractor design. I really like that one.

  • Brutus65 sent me this: Sie sind ein guter Spieler, ich empfehle Ihnen duelcash.com, sie haben gute Preise. Of course username not found!

  • Maybe R.G. has a quantum computer and is saving withdrawel requests to pay for the electricity to mine Bitcoins and enable it to finance refunds. Isn't A.I. amazing.

  • Stranger still, there is no member on here with the username BR37.

  • That stat was sent to me by BR37 via a p.m. who claims to have visited me but does not show up as a visitor, very disturbing.

  • Amazing that members can make sweeping statements about statistics, e.g. 10,000 members are now playing on another site where they would have usernames rather than actual names and no community board to welcome each other, really???

  • Every frigging day I get hosed out of my VIP spin. Every. Friggin'. Day.

  • The smattering of recent withdrawals appear to be flukes, of some sort. Nothing seems to have fundamentally changed in the situation. I'm sure, if it had, the Crown Prince would proudly announce it. As it is . . . he is still cowering in shame.

  • Rixton, I did receive money, I've even spent half of it already. Disbelieve me if you wish.

  • @gb_sue252, thank you for the tip. I haven't won a single penny but I still have 19p left. Might as well play solitaire too for 17p.

  • Disregard my post fran, found you talking about another player than I.

  • @fran I see that players flag as US.I ghosted as well to double check.She is the one on most visitors list yes?

  • I wonder why >> Kath106 << is using German Language to spam in favour of the site-that-must-not-be named . The account that she is using has a British flag. Could it be that the dormant account has been hacked ??

  • Eveline,as I have said, all I do is come on and play the freerolls. If I win enough (say up to 18p in account) I will play solitaire 17p game (or similar) Will never deposit on here anyway.