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  • I have started blocking once again that I feel is better than receiving bad messages.That is what the block button is for.

  • Wise words, we can't be too careful. Enjoy your day :)

  • Good morning / afternoon / night everyone hope you are well, this is just a polite note, I do not open unsolicited PM's from anyone I do not know nor visit their profile. After experiencing the cyber attack to our health service & how easily it was done this is self preservation.

  • I am done with RG. The only time I am on this site is now to play free games and freerolls. I can't deposit money, so what is the use of playing here? Maybe I win a few pennies to add to my £0.02 I still have left. LOL

  • “Reality is frequently inaccurate.”

  • lucky-boy-john: So true :-)

  • @Crystal - I never use Paypal to renew my subscription, only credit card.

  • never have been allowed to open, King turned a blind eye to a lot of these opening in regions hat didn't qualify for them, and that's now biting them in the bum.

  • @Geena, thought this was coming, how can anyone pay subscription when Paypal won't take payments on behalf of this site? There is a kind of "purge" going on, you must have noticed that most of these hijacked accounts that have been spamming that dodgy site are old greens, and a lot of those should

  • Not true div, mine and many others' warnings are still there.

  • Matt Hancock is secretly behind that other site, needs another earner now his NHS fleecing scams have been exposed.

  • I think since RG actively removes bad posts about dc and leave good posts they are in that scam too. So sad, I liked RG before all the issues. One thing sure I am not depositing anything anywhere...

  • Well, the biggest hijackers on here were kongsang, who definitely had help (and found a lot of people stupid enough to give him login details on the promise he'd get high scores for them) and the group known as the Trumpettes (plus Al) who were using them to try and kill this blog. Still reckon that

  • Guy behind this is not just on RG. He's also tackled sites running Jenzabar bulletin boards that allow guest posting. Either he has a friend inside RG or, more likely, he bought hijacked RG accounts on the dark web.

  • Is it possible someone is scanning the accts for ones that have not been used in years and then posting from those? Sounds like an inside job. This is very suspicious and I smell a rat too.

  • Go visit Maxineb page and look at "news about maxcineb" She hasn't played a game here in years. And she is back just to add to the blog? I call scam...

  • All the rats like that need to leave and let be.This is our blog not yours.

  • Jb, I agree...a big rat!

  • Smell a rat on the maxi acct.

  • @Terror1001 - Thanks after I posted my concerns, I thought about it & figured it had to do with players. Thanks for the reply. Diz