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  • Slow worms are lovely. Beautiful eyes! Actually they are a legless lizard.

  • Come to Westcoast Canada- hummingbirds every hour. I got the password email. I ignore

  • Slow worms! I never heard of them before but looked them up. Very neat! In my garden, I have garter snakes and toads. When they meet up, whichever is bigger eats the other one. Very circle-of-life.

  • Yep, got the same password-email Is also waiting on my withdraw, not gonna give them the happiness of putting it back on my account, no matter if I ever get my withdraw or not

  • Anyone else had any emails saying you requested to change your password? Had 4 this morning... dont get me started on all the other issues! gave up waiting for my withdrawal and had it put back in my account after 6 months. This site used to be so good, now not so much!

  • The two geese, several ducks and many chickens seem to keep the rest of the wildlife away at the moment...

  • I think Muddy is a great name for a toad,

  • The only time I have seen humming birds they were in captivity. Not the same as seeing them in their natural environment.

  • If there are lizards there will be adders. Adders prey on sand lizards. Years ago we used to walk through a forest and on the banks away from the path the adders would bask. They were fascinating, but we kept our distance.

  • Hello everyone! I have a bunch of toads living in my garden and I am feeding beautiful little humming birds in the nectar feeder.

  • Many years ago we had "Muddy" the toad living in our compost heap along side numerous slow worms. A place up on Dartmoor called Holwell Lawn, we have seen newts and a few common lizards last year. But Buzzards are everywhere here.

  • Do any of you out their have slow worms or any type of reptile living in your garden?

  • Granite23 Oh what fun! My garden is quite quiet this afternoon, this morning i did have a pair of cheeky sparrows foraging, for their young. Sadly my neighbour has got rid of their grass & have paved it completely. Such a stark contrast to my garden being wildlife friendly.

  • I currently have Mrs Blackbird and a group of sparrows playing in the bird bath in front of me.

  • Happy Birthday Sile.

  • Good afternoon all. New day new feed. It was so much fun yesterday on the blog.

  • New game idea: Returning the Lost. You're armed with this lasso and you've got to return lost gamers to corrals or in front of PC's. The viewpoint's like your regular platformer, but closer up.

  • Maybe he is Iceman's protege! I Thought that Iceman had left RG?

  • Very impressive from pikpikho. 2 scores of almost 400,000 in cat corner, more than twice the score of second place. iceman will be livid.

  • @comgame - have a most fabulous fantastic family time. What a lovely surprise for you. Happy Birthday lovely lady. G23 xx