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  • http://prntscr.com/15p97oa

  • ewo Is it at all possible there is keyword within the text when people talk about the cockroaches, that is triggering the spam.

  • Tried that, does not work. Once I ask for something that is not copy&paste they stops responding, my last message was 5 days ago, still no reply

  • rixton if you start message off "please could I have a personal answer not an automated reply or one taken off a script" then you may get a reply - it is how I have done it, and also get straight to the point, use simple English, and be polite. Always work for me

  • It has been a ongoing issue for six months so way longer then a month. Customer service constantly refuses to answer any messages with a proper answer so I would not have any hopes on you getting your money

  • I raised money in February, when I asked in April, I got the answer that there are problems with paypal. Don't know, how long it will take

  • Anyone else can't withdraw their winnings? RG blames in on Paypal but it's been for more than a month now. Are they going broke?

  • Anyway in UK enjoy the nice weather while it lasts? because it will change soon. Everyone where ever you live in the World! Look after yourselves & stay safe! And be on guard 24/7 with this new! Delta virus ok! "E" ❤️x❤️x❤️ :-))) x

  • I tend not to watch our "National News" It will put us all in a lower mood which we all are at the moment! Sorry but my opinion is! Their not sure with the! Delta Virus yet? like I said before & not! Racist in anyway!!! The borders where shut too late! And I will stand my ground on that statement!

  • Our friend Boris have dropped himself in a right mess! Don't matter if you've had the two jabs, your still at risk!!! I should have my second my March this year, but due to blood clots from past treatment I cant! Their still trying to work it out? females on the pill & pregnant can't also.

  • LOL! I always keep a tin of! RAID to hand? I have a phobia of spiders, even the word gives me the shivers... If it don't vacate I can't sleep all night & not funny if your not afraid of them like me. Anyway I tend not to watch the National News in the UK! It's a mess? with the! Delta/Indian virus!

  • @gb.sue, that "free"£10 would have been NWF, a trap to keep you here longer as you'd now need an extra £11 in winnings before you could withdraw even a penny.

  • don't want a repeat, even if Boris the Idiot and chums keep repeating the same mistakes. If we could we'd happily set up armed barricades on the M3 and Spur Road and shoot on sight. Bet London, Birmingham and Liverpool would do the same if we had an Ebola outbreak and took it to them.

  • Not kidding Ross, just seeing the spike from the invasion over Whitsun Bank Hol, which finally brought the Indian variant here, and last August Bank Hol left us with the worst infection/deaths in the South for 7 months, overwhelmed both hospitals so patients were being shipped to Exeter. Really

  • Oh look, more zombie green accounts and still spouting from the same discredited script. :( Thought those gun-toting Trumpettes were against "fake news", seem to be embracing it now. :(

  • Ah Cockroach, one of The Sweet's great album tracks. :)

  • Hope you catch them too!! Don't forget the BIG cockroach that's behind all the little ones..good luck!!!!

  • Thank you kindly Ewo. I will have to pass on the wig, though. It would clash with my shoes. (Two cockroach down, two to go!]

  • Yes I got loads of the spray! How many would you like??? I also like your ray bands & I also supply wigs if you need one? have a nice day! LOL. :-)))

  • Anybody got a spare can of cockroach spray?