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  • @silverbgonia, your money is safe where it is. RG are working on resolving the issue with PayPal. That could take months.

  • Still no news about deposits and withdrawals. Do you think they waiting for everyone to run down their cash accounts, then they will close down without having to give anyone any winnings? They can't go on forever without taking any deposits surely....It's been ages now

  • hi Jean, Shaz, Kez, Sarah and Alex,oma's birthdaylist 18 june: --- CAMILLAG --- ISAMIKIMPE ---NILLAV --- SLAYERGIRL1983 --- SYNTAX2 thanks XX

  • hi Shaz, Kez, Sarah and Alex,oma's birthdaylist 18 june: --- CAMILLAG --- ISAMIKIMPE ---NILLAV --- SLAYERGIRL1983 --- SYNTAX2 thanks xxx

  • @susan462, I remember way back a certain group were opening a lot of accounts to create problems, now they're wreaking havoc again. Didn't realize they've opened so many :-/ Glad RG squashing them bugs one-by-one.

  • (Tips glass toward kapage) To being alive! And to grandchildren! Cheers!

  • i forgot also reporting to the inland revenue for tax evasion

  • more spam..Fowlone is another zombie account which hasn't been active since 28/9/2011

  • you are right I'm tired of waiting for a response from royalgames,they only respond with a generic message which they should send to everyone, the same thing happens in the freerolls always suspicious scores of German accounts, I say goodbye to this disastrous site, now this duelcash and worldwinner

  • p.s. you haven't played a game on rg since 2011. The only thing "dead" is the account you hacked so you could troll on our blog..so git along little doggie, this is not your home.

  • KMS57 I totally agree with you I am sure some of the people are living in another world, it is such a shame as we are all just trying to get along as best we can. So I say live and let live and hooray for being alive best wishes to all x

  • Get lost marketing spammer.

  • And I don't think it's something related to PayPal, although there are always problems with that company I doubt it's a reason for RG to stop working, and they can add other payment methods...

  • This site is already dead, stop looking for excuses and save yourselves time by depositing your money in a site that does not steal from you, RG is now a free games site, that's why duelcash.com is having so much success

  • Dear Clown Prince, will we be able to deposit anytime soon?

  • Where do you get off saying I am from North Korea?But you all can talk about what ever you please right? Give me a break!!!

  • Since then, she has lost 40 pounds, can't walk to the end of the drive without getting worn out and goes days without sense of taste or smell. I read this blog and I have to wonder - are we all living on the same planet?

  • I've lost 2 friends to the virus. The saddest event, however, isn't a death. It's a life degraded. A young lady I've known since she and my daughter were in grade school together lost her grandmother to the virus last year. Then she caught it and ended up in the hospital - twice.

  • this is what they think of your doctor quote "During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mercola spread misinformation about the virus and pseudoscientific anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms" all her wants to do is sell HIS drugs as an alternative, he recommends using vitamin D than a flu jab

  • Good grief people, just relax and chill, stop getting your knickers in a twist over what 'he says' and 'she says' etc. Peace and love to all.