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  • Today I had 30 new friend requests. Never have I had more than two. So, there is seriously wonky going on with this website.

  • So all of a sudden I am bombarded with 17 friends requests!

  • Maybe tomorrow you will who knows???

  • Thanks Susan, I think we're sure will... @qaz did you not get any friends requests??? :-)))

  • Have a good week everyone.

  • I had 20 new friend requests....I notified Support. Let's see what they can do? Weird!

  • Forget my last comment: they are sending me friend requests all over again. Never a dull moment...

  • Go to sleep & see what happens tomorrow? lol :-)))

  • ROTFL Never a dull moment here. People complain they can't spend their money here, but one thing is for certain; you can't buy this kind of entertainment. Major Ridiculous! (wait, thats a great login name!)

  • Some of you all have had some impressive reactions to the spam friend requests. All in all, what is the big deal! People saying they are going to leave because of... this? Big deal. Who cares?

  • It's also a threat from these Hackers/Spammers to RG's! Lets see what the! Senior Techs will tell us? end of now will check in later in the day to see if we get a explanation why???. Take care everyone & stay safe... :-)))

  • I just hope the "Clown Prince" Will be able to explain to us who were attacked last night? If they come up with? we can't discuss players accounts? then that's enough said for me! End of many more will leave after years on this site. Lets hope Admin are on duty today later & sort it.

  • I'm just repeating myself here... I said several times in my posts last night their Hackers/Spammers! My main concern is? how the heck did they by pass RG's & get in to do this too many players on this site! That is a question to be answered form the site & we need to know the facts! From RG's.

  • DuelCash inc is a sub-company of Dueliom Technology LLC based in California. All rights reserved. This site is a fake site, can't get in touch with it. They don't exist on Facebook and Twitter. Criminals are behind that DuelCash, beware.

  • Clown Prince, Lots of spammers on the site and friends requests that are not from real accounts. . Moderate Royalgames before it gets too crazy. My page was converted to United States . Who's in control here on RG

  • Wow! Actually no friend request for the past 4 hours....problem solved?

  • 20 plus freinds request all for a site called dueldash.com its gettijng out of hand

  • Love when you email RG about issues you get canned messages.. must be a bot running RG

  • I came in tonight and had 14 friend requests and almost all of them had been a member with today's date, June 27, 2021. Spammers. When I searched the ID's most were age 222, no lie, many from Germany. I sent all there ID's to Support with my complaint. We'll see what happens.

  • C_V Spot on!!! I did know he was still lurking here? or well if not on here tomorrow night & bored? will be watching the movie! Gremlins or Jaws! I got a choice. LOL! LOL. "E" :-)))