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  • @Mrs.Gemstar Hope all is well at home? we done a test earlier on team challs/ gold & silver were able to send! Maybe I miss read your post? we only played for jewels & can also do a face off with one to one on! Farm King & Lucky Lantern, but not for cash meaning gold players! Not 3 players playing.

  • Quite frustrating to always get a black screen on daily spins!

  • Has anyone reported this site for Fraud? If so what site did you use?

  • Does anyone have an ETA we'll be able to deposit again? I looked on the FAQ and can't find anything.

  • Dear Crown Prince and Royal Games Isn't it about time that all the players on the site get to play Farm King and Lucky Lantern? Myself along with other players pay our dues every year as subscription players and no longer have the benefit of Diplomas. At least let us play more games. PLEASE

  • In case anyone still has any doubts, I visited that fake games site using a joke email address, and the inbox of that shows 2 new messages, both faked Paypal messages trying to steal your credit card details. QED !

  • @granite23, the exclamation mark means the page is "insecure" and you shouldn't input anything sensitive on that page. Been like that for years.

  • @meshell, no, the 7th January isn't a Friday, nor is the 1st July for those who write dates backwards. Friday is the 2nd July., or 7th Feb in American date format.

  • @SKB, don't visit it, it's a scam. Been set up to steal data from the unwary.

  • Good to know I'm not the only one having problems with this site! - withdrawals, freerolls not loading, winners with crazy scores - something is seriously here. FYI I lodged a complaint with PayPal against RG re my withdrawal and they ruled in my favour and I got a lot of my money refunded.

  • OMA'S birthday list 2 of July ---------- ALIDATE --- -----LINDAV1987---------Royal anniversary: J8D ( 13 years) OLDLEATHER (12years)---------- Thanks xx

  • Does anyone know how this site is regulated. The same people are winning with astronomical scores, alot of times when I play a game and get a qualifying score "Something went wrong", you cant take the money off the site. Seems like there are no rules and they can just do what they want!

  • No more friends requests since they forced everyone to verify new accounts. Well done RG.

  • Dagens frispel fungerar inte för det kan inte stänga

  • Amazing longevity as well heesweg.

  • Just been getting rid of my 64 new buddies - Jessica doesn't half speak a lot of languages - lol

  • Same thing with papa pear. Not something I usually have any issues with but twice in one session is a bit rough. Unsurprisingly the two other games with rubbish scores both finished as they should. Coincidence....... who knows?

  • New high score in candy crush free roll and guess what.

  • SKB I copy and pasted all mine to support, well over 50, but they seem to have stopped now at least for me. Might be worth a try. They keep confirming that they have nothing to do with duelcash but I think the jury is still out on that one.

  • SKB33 No, we have closed our messaging option in settings. :-) Please do it too. Have a nice day, evening night. We are here international you know.