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  • i went to play a cup game ,i had 95cents left for a 55 cent game .pushed play just to be told i didnt have enough money to play but the 55 cents is gone grrrrr i better get a refund.

  • Power back on!

  • OMA'S birthday lIst 1 of July: --- JEWEL93 --- MARFRED49 --- ------------- SABINE_AT2000 ----- ---STERNDL------------- THANKS X XX

  • I just cleared out about 35 email notifications from RG and they were all about 2 minutes apart. Some of the challenges were weeks old and repeated. So let's see how many more will come though.

  • Just lost power due to thunderstorms.Glad for cellphone and my battery lights.

  • Thank you Fran :)

  • @JB .. I reported missing emails on June 11th . I was unsure , at first , whether it was down to RG or my Broadband provider . It was down to something on this site .

  • @comgame, thank you for that, cleared out a few characters that i copied from their original reply and it seems to have sent now.

  • Rob_of_Hull sometimes if you have special characters in amongst your text that stops the message uploading, it tends to be okay if it is just say a you-tube address or a print screen, but if you are using a lot of characters to over emphasise points as in !!! ??? > etc they tend to fail HTH Sile

  • I played a challenge on the 4th of this month but never got my email for it till today.Strange :-/

  • my pending withdrawal from march has now disappeared since the update and nothing gone into my paypal, tried to use the contact us, and posted everything when i hit send it says enter a question (can somone from this site sort things out)

  • 123amon, I do not pay via PayPal. I messaged customer service. Then closed my message box because of the many spam messages. I think RG is finally waking up a little, yes a little.

  • I confirmed my email address yesterday and RG have given me £1 for doing so. maybe this is leading up to them making payments given that paypal uses email addresses....just a thought and ever hopeful

  • @wing.....Thanks for that reply. Royal Games should have made an announcement on this page. We need to know what is going on.

  • Yes, I got a confirmation from Support that it is Support confirming the e-mails.

  • With all that is going on, has anyone confirmed with support or RG that those emails to verify your email address are not spam?

  • i had to confirm my email too & they gave me jack diddly squat!!

  • I had to confirm my email and then RG gave me a pound

  • We all got Spammed with those friend invites.A majority have messages off due to that reason. It's bogus and didn't fall for what they were doing.

  • I receive a lot of Friendrequests, where they invite me to join another playing site, telling me that Royal Games is cooperating with this site. Copy: Royalgames announces partnership with duelcash.com, submit a ticket with the code ROYALBONUS and you will get 5 USD in DuelCash.