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  • Hi Everyone Has anyone received lots of friends requests to join duelcash.com games website ?

  • Granite... you must mean when you have a few different pages aka tabs open,it will say what you have and had open.

  • Are we having Friday Freerolls on 7/1/21?

  • Not on the site here, but above it in the black bar. So you could have a few pages open such as google, RG and dogs for example. Maybe it's because I'm one my daughter's MacBook Pro and it does things differently? I haven't a clue! Can you tell yet? G23 xx

  • We are now up to 7 months without any withdraws, and the last update when they closed down the deposits was 5/12/21, this is a fucking joke My 200€ is still a hostage at this crap-site

  • G23, I didn't see it.

  • well looks like the prize for the three player .35 entry is now only .39 cents. But yet its listed at 78 cents? This page is becoming beyond ridiculous. Four cents? Not even worth the time. No wonder they shut down deposits, who wants to give money to a site that just changes things whenever...

  • granite... I just played but can't figure out where you see it.Possible screen shot?

  • Has anyone else noticed that when you play a game, it has the title across the top of the webpage, such as bubble witch, followed by Royalgames.com! When /why the exclamation mark? Has it always been there? Changing their name ever so slightly perhaps?

  • Cheaters have a way to slow down the timer and no way any person can get the high scores on lots of the games

  • @mimi1976w Never heard of Lava-Lava but I surely will check it out. It is actually funny that most of the time German players are winning. I don't mind but I scored over 100 000 this time and that is pretty high for Farm King. How that one got over 400 000 it is a mystery to me.

  • There is a blog posted about Closing Deposits.You can read it for what your looking for.

  • Am I the only one who can't make a deposit?

  • where is the daily wheel ???

  • What has happened to the word games??? HELP someone!!!

  • @eveline1950 you should check out Lava-lava. He wins EVERY day and scores consistently between 800,000 and 3 million. Now if that's not some kind of bot i don't know what is! Hopefully as RG starts to sort this site out and make it great again they will wipe out these dirty cheaters.

  • Can anyone tell how you can get a 459 950 score in Farm King? It does amaze me to get that high.

  • chanter, they scrapped the 2 player option and made it 3 a couple of weeks ago. Can't confirm because I don't play for cash but I believe all the games are the same now.

  • just got best score ever in peony and guess what ? something went wrong even though played 2 of the 3 games of the challenge I was sent and they went through fine ,oh well another day in royals shamble hotel.

  • Wanneer kunnen we nu eindelijk geld storten om te spelen?