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  • @KING-AL: you forgot climate change!

  • ↓↓↓ she's right you know...!

  • SITE UPDATE... Dear gamers, it is understood that the lack of freerolls today is due a technical issue with Paypal. Further investigation has revealed that games crashing, rising covid cases and Brexit issues can all be attributed to this same issue, Have a nice day!

  • Totaly disagree misty….you can’t keep your loyal customers in the dark like this. At least communicate about whats going on! This is very unprofessional:(

  • Totally agree Misty

  • Most are here now complaining about todays missing freerolls and just a few days ago most were here complaining that the freerolls were not playing correctly or they were black screened etc! Lets just be grateful for what is available to play as complaining gets us nothing more then bad vibes!

  • FAO ewo59 sorry but your messages are off, in reply to the PM ' No biggy Elaine it was a genuine Human error, wrong button. However what is more worrying that there is a poo stirring ghoster out there trying to cause trouble. Stay safe an well slainte Sile '

  • I have been playing here for many years. What has happened with this great site??? NOTHING works anymore :-(

  • Been here 17 years - what's happened? Shambles. Game crashes, no freerolls, no prep for the flash deletion (with plenty of notice) The withdrawal issue needs explanation as paypal have been blamed, but on talking to them, they seem oblivious. Hate to say it but maybe it's time to call it a day.

  • let's face it, most of the money we win is play money, NWF, so not releasing freerolls is not about actual money but possibly a technical issue.

  • where are the freerolls?

  • Maybe the clown Prince enjoys a delicious cold tequila in the Bahamas ;-)

  • One might assume they gave 6 freerolls to not give 4 on Tuesday but At least explain that. Regardless, I am bored on a Tuesday and would like some freerolls as well if they became available.

  • 17.47 still no freerolls whats happening


  • I am glad there is no reaction button to to the comments on this site. I would be giving many of you the 'thumbs up" for your comments. I often read the comments about the freerolls before I play them. As of this now, there are still no Tuesday, July 6th, 2021 freerolls posted on this site.

  • Where are the free rolls?????

  • Like i mentioned before , i have contacted Paypal and the support person said it should not be any issues for RG to send money and no new policies have been implemented that would stop RG from sending out our money. Sadly Paypal cant help us customers as its not them blocking the transfer.

  • Why do you think he is called clown prince? Because we are the clowns who keep coming here

  • it almost feels like they do it on purpose