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  • What a song :)

  • Painting Acrylic Landscape On Canvas / Easy Step …: https://youtu.be/70MwoddUt08

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzXt7YvK9Hw

  • @JB great suggestions..I'd love all of those!

  • I like the free rolls and yes they should be giving as they always have to help keep us here.Diplomas would be fun to play once again.And new games as we need them added for variety.

  • hear hear!

  • Nicely said!

  • No we are not "paying for a service", we don't pay membership fees. When we enter a competition a portion of our bets is entry fee, just like a golfer or rally racer pays to compete. Should the organization provide the freebees at the competition? no, I mean it's nice, but no they don't have to.

  • Those freerolls are closed for us that are able to play therm.

  • Con't: I don't know if these Freerolls are for last Friday July 2nd but they are up there here. Perhaps they are for last week? I still think this site got a hack job months back and it has disabled many of the paid functions.

  • I have 6 Games for Friday Freerolls here (dated July 7th) and there were I believe 4 or 5 for the Tuesday one listed. Since I'm a yearly pay subscriber and cannot play for $$ from where I live I cannot access the gaming side, but I do and have had the Freerolls listed on my page here.

  • This sight is like a Monumental Hour Glass that is SLOWLY ...running out of time...To their loyal players...they do not owe...but you would think they would let all know if they are going to either turn it over and change the sand...or let it empty even SLOWER....:((

  • I contacted support too and I received the following reply: We're very sorry that the Tuesday Freerolls were not published as expected. Due to technical difficulties, we had to postpone them, however, we do plan to make it up to you in the future. That is better than dbbypp received.

  • Harrier88 if you see this i cant reply to you as you have turned of messaging just so you know . I cant send freind request either :(

  • I questioned support yesterday about the missing free rolls. Here is the response: Thank you for contacting Royalgames.com We have forwarded this concern to our studio team. They are aware of the problem and working on a solution. Please standby for them to be released or wait for Frida

  • If the fool is not here, it is probably because who ever that is has not gotten paid like the rest of us. So think about it people!... would you work for free? I will miss the site from what i knew it to be years ago but i wont miss this new mess what so ever. But you can bet the end is near!.

  • Every time this site has changed hands it has gotten worse and worse from what most of us long time players have had to deal with.This time all our favorite games are gone and none have returned.I have been here since 2004 I doubt 20 years will be doable now.

  • where are the Tuesday freeroll games for this week?

  • activision blizzard bought king games in 2016

  • I think that royalgames are closing down soon- They don´t earn any money since it is not possible to put money in our accounts. So, wait for it, to closedown is soon here