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  • @rag you want to watch what you call players here! Only S..T H..D I see here is you & very abusive to many of us for a long time! Like J/B posted we need a button to shut! "Friends "Request off Not Messages" At the moment can only shut our messages off. So get you fact's right about the. "SPAMMERS "

  • No problems dear. Have fun when they arrive!! G23 x

  • @G23 thanks for letting us know that the Friday Freerolls have been addd to the calendar! Yippee, I'm back to possibly earning a penny or two ;))

  • Say what??? Another wise one huh.

  • HEY SHITHEADS!!! you can stop them by going to your (settings)>>Communication>>>Receive member messages:..

  • I had my messages on for a week and the scum bags are at it again.We need a button to turn off FR instead of our messages.Not in the mood to deal with them right now.

  • Sorry I do not want to clog the blog! But I'm getting spammed as I post to you all they are watching us. So I need to move quick on my settings to block yet again! It's too bad we have to put up with this! Take care & stay safe. "E" :-) x

  • The free rolls are listed for tomorrow on calendar page.

  • Royalgames announces partnership with d..l..h.com, submit a ticket with the code ROYALBONUS3 and you will get 5 USD in D.elC..h I cut the full name of the site out It's is not welcome here! No the! SPAMMERS...

  • to get rid of it! I'm sticking with a disgruntled teckie and poo!!!!

  • @susan462 - a rock?? I honestly thought, with all that's going on at RG, that some little teckie was living the dream and infiltrating the games with inappropriate graphics! There's no mention of stones in the strategy page and I only ever seem to get one of the 'stones' so I can't ever match it >>>

  • But I might be wrong? all I had today were from different flags. So again my messages will go off. I will contact friends via other! RG's need to do something! ASAP. This is one message I had & some players could fall for it? 3rd

  • LOL @salboes I think that's supposed to be a rock. too funny. :)

  • Hello everyone! I posted on the blog about the spammers were back. Not sure what page it's on? but at the time many were not having them back but I was! So messages went off for another week. then last night I turned them back on & low & behold they were back today! Seems they don't hit silvers? 2n

  • gerry716 I just reported them and block them l know it’s a pain in the arse to report them

  • Like you Gerry I also am getting these friends requests again. All that can be done is to just to block them & hope we are not going to be bombarded with loads more.

  • @Crystal_Voyager - thanks for the reply. I just tried it again and, sure enough, a pile of poo on the Princess Peony game! Well, it looks like poo to me - any ideas anyone?? Top of second column ..... >>> https://prnt.sc/19jwlfz <<<

  • Thought we were out of the woods but.....another 7 friend requests - what is the point of it ?? this once great Site....feel sad !!

  • Getting friends request too from those spammers. Disappointing that they are back.

  • I had 6 fake friend request already going to reported them and block them I have turn my message off