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  • Hi, C_V Yes I agree with you! But many of us had to verify our emails which I had no problem with! So why are these! "SPAMMERS" Getting back on this site? they will wreck tihs blog? because nobody will want to post here anymore! It's too bad we have to turn our mail boxes off! 2nd

  • Elaine, the bot they're using is trawling names from this blog, so the more posts you make, the more likely you'll get spammed multiple times. On days where I've been "busy" here, the spam messages shot up to 61 and 62 on those days.

  • >https://prnt.sc/184o60k < Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  • Diamond Digger is the cursed game for me. Rubbish score 1, it counts, rubbish score 2, it counts then I get a good score to potentially place in the cash and what a shock - "something went wrong".

  • OMA'S birthday list 3 of July: ------- ---------- BAABES ------------ MARIAN500.MRS------- thanks x x

  • Played Pepper panis with score of over 130k+ and to my surprise I get msg "something went wrong" Wow Isnt that great. You all have a nice weekend

  • got 99,000 in puff game and says game issue WTF

  • One spammy e-mail today, hopefully no more. Good luck today with 6 freerolls.

  • You could off been Eliane l have turned my message off for a while I wish you a nice weekend also

  • That's ok Kez, maybe I was unlucky by turning my messages back on? now off again! I will only now contact my friends via challenges! Hope nobody else have had them after turning their messages back on? like I said these! "SPAMMERS" Know when our "ADMIN" Are not on duty! Have a lovely weekend all.

  • Thanks for the heads up you take care Eliane

  • Wow! 6 freerolls! Thank you!

  • Sol, I will go on your advice & trust! My messages are now off again. But fingers crossed I've not had any on my email for this site here from spammers only friends requests! I'm watching it very carefully & will not open! They will go into spam box straight away. "E" :-) x

  • G23 I have any messages from rg or here turned of on my settings page as well. No need for me to get them in my private off rg email site.

  • So why not turn off the notifications that come through email? I used too get masses of challenges every day which was lovely, I just didn't want them filling my inbox! Then there is presumably no link from here into email accounts. They can't bug you in that way. Only on here.

  • Good one Sile lol :))

  • Sol, you know not to open them, I need not tell you that! Your better on the tech side than me. Take care my friend & see you on the challenges. Now back to my settings pain in the butt. LOL! "E" :-))) x

  • Ok thanks! But like I said will have to turn my messages off here again! I had peace for a few days! But when I turned them back on last night, they were different accounts & flags & same messages about that other game site! I just wanted to give you the heads up! Take care ok! "E" :-)

  • "He must be," said the boy. "He stopped yelling for help yesterday."

  • The composition teacher asked the class to write about an unusual event that happened during the past week. Little Johnny got up and read his essay. It began, "Daddy fell into the well last week..." "My goodness!" the teacher exclaimed. "Is he all right?">>