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  • no freerolls again?

  • @wingstofly19 same for me and changed to google chrome as RG say it is better long time ago. Recent laptop and shouldn't have this. Tip 4 all : start playing the spinning wheel b4 any games.If I play a game b4, I get a blackscreen.

  • I can play all the games, only ILoveTreasure runs one of ten try. i use Windows 8.1 on an old system with only 32bit.

  • @pcmacbob, I play the spinner game every day and have never had a black screen. It can hang while starting (on the orange screen), once per 3 months. A game can hang at the end if my internet connection is broken at just the wrong time. Hoop de Loop has something went wrong once every 100 games.

  • @Terror I like your bird's idea of using the drinking water dish for their cooling off pool..clever birdie! :)

  • "pcmacbob"<<< Spinner Games? Where I live on line gaming for this site is illegal, can't play for money at all. I pay a yearly sub. Are Spinner Games played for money? I don't even know what they mean by "Freerolls". I also don't have any of those jackpot things on my games.

  • @Terror, carefully place a bowl/bucket of water in front of the fan so it blows across the top of the water, and top it up when needed. Home made refrigeration/air con.

  • Those that say the games always work must not play many spinner games. I have several computers running all the os's and still have blackscreens. Just wait it will happen to you when you get a great score and site has issue. You will be saying four letter words LOL

  • I don't think this site is able to adapt to the different versions of Window's people use and with some the browser also. The older version of Windows a person uses the more problems they have playing this site even if they upgrade to Win 10.

  • con't from prior post: I have a fairly new laptop that gives no issues at all. However, It forever keeps saying top right that this site is "Not Secure" on my devices. I also don't play for $$, not legal where I live. Upgrade on desktop from Win 8.1 to 10 allows me to play only 3 games on this site.

  • I never get a black screen, all games work just fine. Windows 10 with Edge, no issues at all. Some older PC's people use do not work right on this site and you might have pieces of Flash still haunting your device. I can't play on my desktop with Win 10 and I upgraded from Win 8.1, can play just 3.

  • rick924 I have complained too many times to RG to get a canned message that the problem is on my side. For spinner games we spend money to earn the spins but if they won't allow us the chance to even play the game then give us the money so we can play a game that works. Get good programmers

  • Getting Black Screen when entering games. I see this over and over in the comments. When I try again it said that I have already played. PLAYED WHAT? Why is no one reply to this.

  • And there it is; my account is officially below required amount to play cash games :-( I held out as long as my skills would allow! I truly love this site and am torn. Happiness Always♥

  • OMA'S birthday list 6 of July: --- ------BLUETJE3 --- CARRIECUTE ---KARAMBULA ----- TAHTISILMA1-------- Thanks x x

  • I get blackscreens on spinner games at least 50 per cent of the times but money games don't. Why can't the programmers figure it out or pay us for missing chances to win something????

  • @pcmacbob, good catch! That's what high temperatures and no morning coffee can do to you ;-))

  • Many games give only a black screen..princess peony, stitcherro and some more, didn't try them all but still can't play them at all. ANyone else havong this problem ?

  • what the heck is Hoop de Loop!?

  • Need to have 50 paid places in spinner games