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  • Perhaps we should all be happy that the site is still up and running ... even though we can't play for money if we don't have enough funds ... it's still fun!

  • Well 2pm GMT is 9:00 a.m. Central Time in the US so freerolls should begin in 40 minutes or so.

  • 14.15 and still no freerolls.

  • Nee ook niet engelse tijd, 15:00 uur, zooitje! Geen zak aan dat je niet kan opwaarderen en geen hond die de moeite neemt om het hier of in een mail eens uit leggen. Van support krijg je een standaardmailtje terug, als ze überhaupt al reageren. Bende!

  • well, should be 2pm GMT now, still no freerolls. Used to show under "starts today", or even "starts tomorrow" before. Guess it's a runtime decision now....

  • Toch niet om 14 uur, maar speel hier toch niet meer, wat een baggersite is het geworden, enkel nog free rolls en dan houdt het op.

  • It's truly amazing how many people don't read the comments below about how the free rolls now start at 2pm!! Pathetic really....

  • have you changed your minds again about freerolls on a Tuesday??

  • i am waiting for the frerolls

  • I wait for the freerolls ???

  • What about lucky lantern, as freeroll? ;D

  • Tues. freerolls won't show until 2pm

  • Tuesday freerolls are not there. I looked high and low, but nope.

  • I thought freerolls were at 2

  • Tues. and Fri. Freerolls now start at 2pm uk time Have done for at least a couple of weeks

  • I bet know body reads these anyway

  • Hear hear

  • At least the clowns are consistent...way to be consistent! Consistently failing. Post scriptum Tuesday & Friday are supposed to be freeroll days. Get with the jacking program. Either fix this site or sell it because who ever you have put in charge is absolute rubbish at running a gaming web site!

  • The Clown Prince!!!!! tuesday freerolls please

  • Clown wake up and give us freeroll