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August Freerolls!


Here are the games for August.

Tuesday  3th of August
Friday 6th of August
Tuesday 10th of August
Friday 13th of August
Tuesday 17th of August
Friday 20th of August
Tuesday 24th of August
Friday 27th of August
Tuesday 31st of August


/The Clown Prince



  • After logging on here today and reading the blog, for a brief moment I thought it was 2012 again - sadly not so :( but I am thankful to FBP for doing his bit to help the RG environment by recycling his old comments.

  • Hi! Some of the game on RG thate have good onse time is realy bad game to play to day ex Gin Run 999 time of 1 000 game pay game the computer alltime win and all time have 25 or 50 point and the game end. Nightmare to play severel games on RG update from Adobe to Flash :/

  • Spinner whele don´t work the game will not start and RG do not know anything as usally. Hope the Clown get a blow job by RG every hour

  • no freeroll bubble witch and gin rummy

  • I'm surprised at the apparent lack of urgency to get deposits/withdrawals working. I'm not sure if they're down to one employee, or they just don't care about making money anymore. Anyway, was totally addicted to Farm King for awhile, but I'm done. Goodbye royalgames, thanks for the fun times!

  • Took forever to get back into this site after I changed my email. Played some games, and now most of them are just black screens. Only 9 cents on my account and nothing I can play for that amount. Now I'm looking for another site that may be player friendly. Anybody know of one?

  • I really enjoyed this site but with unplayable games and black screens this platform has nothing to offer to me. Congratulations, you have won, the odds were always against me. Freedom at last.

  • It is with a sad and heavy heart that I have to make a decision to leave after many years. I was formerly FormbyPoint but suffered so much unwarrented abuse that I changed my username. The R.G. employee did not allow me the curtesy of a new I.D. but still called me by my christian name.

  • RG , gave another four month extension for VIP re-qualification but what's the use if your meter keeps going down because no money in the account to keep it steady. I think it would've been better if they froze the meter as well.

  • Ahh! Happy Friday Everyone! I am now only 14 cents short of playing a money game!!! It only took me 3 weeks to get where I am now. I'm figuring on winning those next 14 pennies by January 2022. Can't wait. ;^D

  • Games work for me in Edge Private Window except for Honey Mine. It continues to give black screens on the 1st try most of the time. Same happens when I use Chrome. Sometimes refreshing the page before opening the game helps.

  • I just played a one on one free game of Bubble Witch and it worked no issues.

  • For those having issues,have you tried using new private window before logging in here? And excepting cookies?

  • Same here, neither loaded correctly, in fact all of the VIP games don't play anymore, not much point in this site at the moment. Can't deposit, can't withdraw and now can't play games.

  • Same here bubble witch gin rummy black screen?

  • two of today's Freerolls not loaded properly and not playable. I told them about Gin Rummy last Saturday and again today, then Bubble Witch refused to play, nobody listens!

  • I will stick to one browser that works for me. Can't use Chrome where I am. Firefox at one time had the games shaking and flickering,not for me.

  • Oh yeah, right now when I get a high score with diamond digger, RG throws me off the high score list. It's haunted here sometimes.

  • C_V, Opera GX is very commercial I think. But a fast browser :-)

  • I have 6 browsers and I can play all games through those 6. RG itself has problems and is pushing it off . You don't have to email customer service because they don't know their business either, or they should keep their mouths shut.