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Hello Royal Gamers, 
For 18 years, players around the world have enjoyed Royal Games' competitive tournaments. 
At the end of 2020, we shared an update with you that due to changing web-based technology on major browsers, we would be adjusting the game services we are able to offer to players.
This evolving landscape has led us to the make the difficult decision to close down the Royal Games site. 
Players may continue to play games on the site until 12pm CET on Tuesday 7th December 2021, after which live operations will cease. Players will be able to make withdrawals until 7 December 2022.
This decision was by no means easy. As this journey is coming to a close, we want to thank all of you, our dedicated players, for your time spent at Royal Games. 
We hope that you had many memorable experiences here, and we hope to see you on one of our other platforms. 



What is happening?
On 21st October 2021 we announced that after 18 years, we have decided to close the Royal Games site, effective at 12pm CET on Tuesday 7th December 2021.
Players can continue playing games as usual until 7th December 2021. Freerolls will also be operated as usual. On 7th December 2021, the games will close but the site will remain open for withdrawal requests until 7 December 2022.
Can I make a withdrawal request now?
Please check that all your details are up to date with PayPal before making your request.
You can make a withdrawal request at any time. We have also removed withdrawal fees as a goodwill gesture to players.
How do I update my details with PayPal?
You can check directly with PayPal to make sure your account details are up to date. If you want to remove the PayPal account linked with your Royal Games account, and link a new account, please open a support ticket. For security reasons, we will ask you to provide some account details in order for us to confirm the validity of your request. Once we verify your request, we will be able to remove your existing PayPal connection from your account and you will be able to input a new PayPal account when you next make a withdrawal request. You will need to ensure that the new PayPal account has not previously been used on a different Royal Games account.
How long do I have to withdraw my money?
After game operations stop at 12pm CET on Tuesday 7th December 2021, you will be still able to make withdrawal requests via the site for a maximum of 12 months. The final date to make a withdrawal request via the site will be 7 December 2022.
How long will it take you to process withdrawal requests?
We are aiming to process all withdrawals as soon as we can, however, processing times will depend on the number of withdrawal requests received each day.
Can I deposit more funds in my account now?
For maintenance reasons, we will not be able to take any new deposits during the sunset period.
What is happening on Royal Games between now and 7th December 2021?
The Royal Games site will be open after 7th December 2021 to allow for withdrawals.
Until then, the games will continue to operate as normal, including the daily calendar, bonus spinner and the Tuesday/Friday freerolls.
You can make a withdrawal request at any time, and we have removed withdrawal fees as a goodwill gesture.
What will happen on the site on 7th December 2021?
On 7th December 2021, any open cups will be closed and all the games will be removed from the site. The site will remain open for withdrawal requests until 7th December 2022, so that players who want to continue playing while the games remain live, and any players who may not have visited the site between 21st October 2021 and 7th December 2021 have the opportunity to withdraw their balances."

Thank you!



  • just look at the crap games for this weekend goodbye royal games also royal games are more than one company tell me i'm wrong coco the clown you have been caught out and pay pal are at fault

  • Please don’t go, don’t gooooo, don’t go away. Anyone able to save this site there are so many options to save it come on royal games don’t give up on the original game site that has started bigger games for you

  • Just went to Arkadium and a pop up offers the site ad free for $2.49 a month. HELLOOOO RG ?!? RG, you can do that too! We want to play here. We want our games back that you have on the shelf. We don't want you to go away.

  • The Petition < https://www.change.org/p/royal-games-stop-royal-games-ending-after-7th-december-2021 >

  • Hello from wintry, snow on the ground, Minnesota USA! Wonder if we'll get snow on our scenes this year? The Petition to try and save RG/King only needs 39 more signatures to reach 1,000 signed..please sign it today!

  • @westley I'd pay a yearly fee if it kept the site up. I figure that's cheap for a years worth of entertainment . @MrJaded1 that's perfectly fine with me that you and others only play for profit. How you spend your time and money is your business. Different goals for different people :-)

  • MrJaded1, con't..I've paid a yearly subscription a long time now. Ad free games. They accidently put the gaming pages up on mine a few times over the years and took them off and back to just the games. No betting at all.

  • @MrJaded1..Some of us have paid a yrly fee because we don't want the ads AND on line gambling is illegal to do on line where we live. Where I live it just this month became legal on line, Connecticut. I don't have all the gaming stuff gamers have on there games.Mine is strictly the games.

  • Thank you for all you did to make this a fun site. It was my favorite and I wish you could stay around but I understand. Maybe someday you'll be back. God bless your future endeavors.

  • it has been a good run and I have enjoyed the games and the people I have competed against. hopefully any funds left in my account go to a worthy charity and not some Maui condo fund as I will not be withdrawing anything in the end. as always, the big get bigger and the small get squeezed out.

  • @Roxann Please sign the Petition to help RG < https://www.change.org/p/royal-games-stop-royal-games-ending-after-7th-december-2021 >

  • Why not revive Royal Games by creating a competitive version of the "10 by 10" game? It's fascinating and totally addictive. All players would receive the same pieces to place on their board and the winners would be those with the highest scores after a given length of time.

  • I joined what was then MidasPlayer early in 2005; it went on to become King.com, then Royal Games. I thought that all of these were part of the King organisation that had great success with a mobile 'phone game called Candy Crush - so surely they would have the resources to keep Royal Games going!

  • Today, after 14 years, I finally reached the 3,000,000 jewel level. Only 26 days until the site is shut down to get the to 7,000,000 level so I'd better get to work!

  • You have to understand that not everyone's here for the "fun" aspect. There are a number of us who play for profit. We're not here to make friends or to fill RG's coffers.

  • @westley there is no way that I'd pay a yearly fee to play these games. I last deposited in 2007 and have been playing on that cash deposit for 14 years, whilst regularly withdrawing my winnings. Since the word games have vanished the remaining games are of no interest to me.

  • question do royal games ever answer our questions?

  • if royal games asked us to pay a yearly fee i am sure everybody would to save the site and put back all the wonderful games they provided to us all they have helped us all by entertaining us PLEASE reconsider closing down the site i am sure you could either sell the site or start charging fees

  • Where is the petition? I'll sign it!

  • If people sign the save RG/King Petition seeing so many loyal players will attract new potential buyers. Please sign everyone..its worth a try.