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Royal Games and GameDuell Announce Welcome Bonus

Hi Royal Gamers,

We have some exciting news to share! For everyone who wants to continue to play fun games, we are happy to announce that Royal Games has partnered with popular gaming community GameDuell to offer you a welcome bonus at GameDuell. 


Any Royal Games players can register a new practice player account for free to start playing immediately at GameDuell. And from December 7th, as a Royal Games player you will receive an EXTRA GameDuell welcome bonus with your first deposit when upgrading at GameDuell to a new money player account! This bonus offer will be available until the end of 2022.



To register as a player at GameDuell and take part in the bonus offer, please use the link here

Royal Games thanks you for playing with us and wishes you well on your next adventures!


//The Clown Prince



  • I don't understand why the individual spammers or spammy are still trying to get referrals using their player number as the competition has long finished. At the end of the day its just a marketing ploy most businesses use, just ignore the messages if you are not interested.

  • I don't understand why it bothers you so much ewo. If you don't like it, then don't log onto here. I got a message to. Just block and delete. Rather simple. I think you are bored & just looking for a problem.

  • Had the same message inboxed to me also Ewo <3 block and reported. going to actually get a youtuber onto them to see if he can track down the details for the big behinders :)

  • Had to take a phone call, that's why the delay in my post now! Like many players said in past you worked for Admin not sure? but I will find out trust me!!! Many players were banned I had two threats from Admin they understood me! But won't go there now the site is dead here! End of,,,

  • READ FACT'S Susan & take it all in.......................

  • I could not find the user! But if your good on a tech side you might find them? their in the system on! Royal Games trust me! This gets me wound up? hackers & scammers trust me! Please be careful? they can send deadly links & wreck your computer! Like I said I went undercover to find the user! "E" x

  • .

  • Text message SENDER: DUDE155 SENT: 1/14/22 10:31 AM Block User Message: Hello my friend! More than 10.000 royalgames players are on duelcash.com, we will create a new community, good day!

  • I very rare swear & not posted on blog for a short while now! But these F..king Scammers for D/Cash picked me up now again! Unless your good on the tech side? they want you to join! When I go undercover which most of you know what I mean! I can't track/trace the user! I will post the message next .

  • Got another guild member yesterday. Made him a leader. Now I got 3 the min.

  • Im gonna be in iron age a while, Didnt even research archers yet and ive stopped collecting forge points as ive hit max 3 times. Still collect but less important now. My city is Military centric.

  • outages and I might have won. But it came at a cost, by the time we'd got to HMA, the "pay to win" brigade were already fighting over the Future Era maps and terrorising neighbourhoods with Hover Tanks or even Turturrets and Electric Eels.

  • One of the best challenges in FoE is to be the 1st player on a new world to reach HMA without spending diamonds, prize was about 500 diamonds from Inno when I was playing. I tried it and came 2nd, about 2 hours after the winner, a few hours less sleep that week, or avoiding a couple of internet

  • just to produce 1 Rogue, instead you'll have hundreds of them.

  • @JT, like I said before, Champion's Hut is an event item and having an Iron Age one is such a rare catch, it's worth holding back your progress until you earn one. Alcatraz GB is a must have, giving you free troops so you can build up armies of Rogues, Champs and other units, no need to wait a day

  • Good bye Ewo, and lots of love to you and all others I've got to know

  • Found a game site…..games.aarp.org. Yeah I am that old…but it is free and they have pool❣️

  • I thought you got champion hut for winning champion but i did and got only medals. So now I dont really care about those standings as its just bragging rights. And yes I know I am currently beating Ema with iron age so thats why so many points.

  • And like I said before, if you've advanced beyond Iron Age before getting that Champions' Hut, you'll regret missing that for the rest of the time you play, so much so you'll probably start afresh on a 2nd world just to get it right.

  • FYI, I won the EMA tower one week having only done 1 raid, the points I got for knocking over a Colonial Era player with my EMA army meant I didn't have to bother fighting again. :)