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Fool's quiz - prize winner pics!

The 6 winners in my past fool's quiz received a little goodie box of King merchandise.
Into the box I put

  • a Candy Crush/King themed Rubik's cube
  • a Ludo board game
  • a Bubble Witch Saga stress toy
  • 2x Candy Crush Saga iPhone cases
  • a t-shirt
  • a black on-the-go King thermos
  • a white King fitness bottle

nautie [fnet], valdood and dangerhigh were three of the  six winners and were so kind to send me pictures of their prizes that I will gladly share with all of you!
Go ahead, check out their pictures on http://foolsquiz2013.tumblr.com/ now!

Have a nice weekend!



  • I have been trying for the last 5 days to get he 5th task in I scream Ice cream to get the award. Every time the dam game wants to act up. I have over 2 minutes to clear the bowl and time runs out the stupid game need to be blown up. What a rip off this site is.

  • yeah something like that.. only more blood-ish

  • Hold on to your concentration when you're preparing a 'kaiserbrötchen' ... just cut off half of my finger ;/

    please be careful! http://legacy-cdn.smosh.com/smosh-pit/092010/finger-1.jpg
  • good morning-night for you.my so dear sweet people.wish you a lovely monday and lots of happiness. all my love for you.sweet hugs and xxxxxxxx

  • 2 of 2) still birthday for our dear sweet VDM35 + VEROCAZ +... and for our dear sweet X-SO-CUTE-X and URS4EVA wedding anniversary.. very congrats dear sweeties please stay with us all my love for you.sweet hugs and xxxxxxx

  • 1 of 2)hello my dear sweet king family TODAY we can congrats birthday for our dear sweet 671CRiMiNEL + BLYME2 + CD349MiLRO + EBM001 + FRANKTOR + LENA_FRODO + M.ANDREAE + M.iMANE + ROYJEN + SiCKTRYiNG +>>>

  • congs! to all the winners.. the ludo board is so beautiful.. tempts me allright to lookout for next chance to win...

  • where is my price fool

    what prize?
  • Where are the Friday Freerolls? ... Hahaha Good night everybody and have a great week ! It's already Monday in Europe! :)

  • huhh.. no need to go rude when you lose either... ;)

  • Yep it is and I would send it to abuse... no need to go rude when you win.

  • https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/5559146240/h86EAF1C3/ ...LOL.... http://sanatate.bzi.ro/public/upload/photos/11/depresie_de_luni.jpg

  • I think that kind of winning message is just plain offensive. No need to be a jerk.

  • Just in case you visit LEO - [bammeltje]....LOL....Watch out, not to fall in his nest ! ✿◕‿◕ :) http://www.maxfun.ro/media/pic/0/1/125-cuib_de_berze.jpg

  • http://prntscr.com/11lmky ..... ain't that the truth :))))

  • http://www.king.com/community/profile.jsp?username=bammeltje

  • oh gwd that is so funny!!!

  • Hmm maybe ... http://prntscr.com/11lf21

  • I suspect they have waaaaaay too much time on their hands..pfffttt to them..hehe

  • @susan yep very grown up, and thats them winning, god only knows what happens when they lose??