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The Future of Royal Games

Hello Royal Gamers

Flash is going to disappear on December 31st 2020. It’s a difficult situation but the powers that be have decided that Flash has to go. We would love to be able to keep things running the way they were but it’s just not possible.

We are a very small crew of dedicated guys and gals that want the best for this site and for all of you that have stuck with us through thick and thin. Sadly, we have to make some changes to ensure we can keep things running and improving in 2021 and beyond.

HTML5 Games
We really wanted to convert all of the games but this has turned out to be far more complicated than we initially anticipated. So we took the hard decision to start converting the most popular games. For the beginning of 2021, the following (should) be the lineup of games moving forward.

I Love Treasure

Klondike Solitaire

Hoop de Loop

Pepper Panic

Monster Fever

Puff Fish Poppers

Beached Buddies

Gin Rummy

Princess Peony 

Ace Solitaire(2012)

Bubble Witch

Candy Crush

Papa Pear

Farm King

Release the Creeps

Diamond Digger


Bubble Saga 

Cat Corner

Golf Solitaire

Honey Mine

Mahjong Masquerade

Kalorie King

Klicker Fusion

Pet Rescue

Performance Issues in HTML5 Games
HTML5 can be more RAM and CPU intensive than Flash, which means older systems can struggle. 

Trust me, I see everything! I hear the complaints and I am going to address them in 2021.

We are going to look at optimisation for HTML5 games in 2021. We are investigating RAM usage and aim to outline RAM requirements. This should give you all a better performance benchmark, but hopefully we can bring those requirements down in 2021. This is not going to be an overnight process however, so as per usual, I very much appreciate your patience.

Flash Games
What this means is we are going to be delisting the vast majority of our Flash games by the end of the year. This is not a decision we have taken lightly but it is our only choice. We can’t support these games if the browsers do not.

The shame is we lose a lot of classic games and no doubt some of our amazing long-term players, which is horrible. We hope you do stick around because we are always trying to think about the future and how we can improve things. My hope is that in 2021 we get to concentrate less on HTML5 (basically keeping the site alive) and more on bug fixes, improvements and new features.

Site Features
We are also porting over the Castle, Avatars, Spinners, Freeroll Spinners and all of the other little Flash Elements that make up the site. The aim is to also have this done by December 31st 2020. There is a small possibility that some elements might not be entirely finished, but we are working hard to make sure this does not happen.

So there it is! That is what is happening in its entirety. I have to reiterate, I wish we could have converted every game, but with all the will in the world it just could not happen. I know we are going to lose some of you and I completely understand. All I can say is thank you so much for being part of this site and creating one of the most unique gaming communities on the planet. I sincerely hope you do stay and that we continue to keep entertaining you for many more years to come.



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  • More HTML5 games opened for all KalorieKing, KlickerFusion, PetRescue

  • So is this a new statement or just a copy of previous statement? I don't like the future of Royal Games, since there seems not 2 be any effort in getting the majority of the games on to a new platform. You get what you pay for and we, the players, are being let down big time by owners of Royal Game

  • Its concerning that life on royal has become the point of no return... i mean they new what was coming, they had along time to sort things out.... the end is coming i think.... the new HTML games are bad and just not the same .... im done with royal.... ile be leaving come 31st december...

  • Who else is going to miss Ludo and 9ball? They were the most fun here, at least we could have realtime chat but now it's going to be pretty dull.

  • Losing my two favourites, Jelly Swelly & Garden Stampede. :-( Is there no way to save at least one?? Please don't send them to the trash.

  • Losing my two favourites, Jelly Swelly & Garden Stampede. :-( Is there no way to save at least one?? Please don't send them to the trash.

  • Will you be taking off Rainbow Rescue?

  • All the Word Games are going =(

  • This is so sad. All my favorite games gone. No freecell, no spider King and no Midas Mahjong. I know it is not your fault but it is not a good start for 2021

  • I know u work hard to make everyone happy, and thats not possible. It´s not easy when Adobe don´t help anymore. Not u´r call butt them. Sad... In the new year, i hope u can make Midas Mahjong on the list again - please. Wish u all a Merry christmas and Happy new year <3


  • How come some can play HTML on Edge, Windows 10 and I was told not all can at this time? My PC has the latest Edge (Chromium based) on a laptop 4 months new. What's going on here? We should ALL be able to play on this new Edge, not just some.

  • Geeze, where are all the card games? Not many listed at all including Pyramid Speed. I don't see the list of supported browsers in the notice above. My Edge browser (Chromium base) came on my 4 months new laptop, is it compatible on this site or what with HTML?

  • After today's release, 3 more HTML5 games have appeared: KalorieKing, KlickerFusion, Pet Rescue. So the list for 2020 looks complete

  • Suddenly I saw what's going on. The remaining games are the ones that are already on King.com or applicable to it. All the remaining games can be played by swiping on a tablet or phone. The games on this site will be limited to those that are availble on King.com. What a meager game site RG will be!

  • It's no R.G that is discontinuing FLASH. It's ADOBE.Adobe gave it "end of life" and you may find that many games may not work anymore on other sites either! Don't blame these folks. It's not their fault. They've worked hard to keep what is left going.

  • I have been a loyal gamer here for 7 years. I have made many friends and love to play the games. I cannot play the HTML5 games now. So now what do I need to do to be able to play? I hope I can continue playing in here with all my friends!

  • There have been rumors since 2017 that Adobe would stop supporting and updating Flash after 2020. So there has been a lot of time to find a solution so that many of the games that both Rotal and King have could continue to work.

  • HTML graphics are very bad --like rudimentary--and no Freecell, or Briscola, Scopa --I will be phasing out playing Royal Games and spend more time doing other more important things in life--may this will be good! LOL! Or I will find another game site- Hahahaha

  • Being a member or tha past 11 yrs, I'm disaponted in the lack of games Royal Games, that used to be called King, will have on HTML5. It's almost like Royal Games doesn't want to exist anymore, that you want to end everything.