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  • they have to be having server problems. Games are slow to load if if they load at all.

  • Thanks rach. A long wait then. I'm not putting any more money in until (or when) it is sorted.

  • Bubble Witch works so much better for me on edge versus chrome. On Chrome it is hit or miss somedays if it will open or not. Then to take another try, I have to leave the site and come back in or switch browsers. I use windows10 - new pc. Please fix the game.

  • @Wickes no new games until next year :( they're hoping to sort all the change over this year and correct all errors. I asked them few weeks ago.

  • is anybody still paying money to this site ... ??? I haven't made any payment since januari because my favorite games are gone or not working. Also ffree games dont work, spinner is crap these day's and i haven't made any mony on the free games. I'm not a great player but i used to win some

  • any chance of any word games coming back??

  • aw! things must be real bad for royal- as of today the people who play in the 6 pm daily VIP $2.20 bonus spinner now have a smaller chance to win any money. $ will now only be awarded to the top 20 players. it was top 50. then top 25- as of today only top 20 will win any$- so sad to c fewer winners.

  • @IJS, that was also true for the Flash games, I used to go back to earlier browser and Flash versions & the games ran faster and crashed less. Round about Firefox 1.6/2.0 and Flash v 6 seemed to be the sweet spot, especially under Windoze XP.

  • @rivier1, deposits seem to work ;) Don't know if the "bonus offers" do though, although the text still exists, the graphic part must have been Flash so just a white screen, maybe for the best as all that was was a trick to instantly convert your cash to NWF

  • Sorry Ross, they had "major issues" all too often back then so a lot of us cut our losses and cashed out what we could. Hope they're not falling back into those ways, at times they played dirtier than even here, as did a number of their rivals, remember the "super accounts" poker scandal?

  • Does ANYTHING on this site work without cheating us players????? I suppose one good thing - I used to waste hours here, now it's only a couple of minutes each day, just to see if I can make any money from the freebies, the ones that magically never work when it's a game you're any level of OK at.

  • OMA'S birthday list 8 MAY: ----------DONNALOUISE68---------------Thanks x x x

  • Feel the same about Midas Mahjong, and still waiting for my next opponent in Chuzzle cup.

  • I am so sick of not being able to play Bubble Witch. You have had more than enough time to sort out any problems now. FIX IT PLEASE!!!!

  • ... And got black screen on bubble witch too :-(

  • Ace solitaire slow as never before. Worked fine when they did update on it but more slow again. When some of the games dont load, try changing browser. Sometimes Chrome works better, and other times Edge.

  • Lucky Lantern???

  • to those of u who r having problems ~try coming back 2 bubble witch in a few minutes/ see if it will let u re access it. sometimes that has worked for me, don't promise anything. good luck! i agree the site is very broken & has no one doing a damn thing 2fix it or let us know they are even trying 2

  • c.v. the reason I was asking was I've just had a major issue with them which they can't give me a reasonable explanation about, sounds familiar, and I just wondered if anyone else might have had something similar. They are actually 1 of the better ones now, decent odds, boosts and promotions.

  • Bubble witch never loads, but still it register as if you've played it. Irritating.