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  • You all might aswell just start using cheat engine!

  • *IP*

  • They don't ban these cheating tw*** but when someone in your house hold obviously with the same up address sets up a genuine account and wins a little they start questioning it! Wtf ? It's there in black and white with iceman and a few others .

  • Okay says I've reached the limit on Princess Peony and I haven't even played it. Played the other 3 games but not that one. Hope everyone has a nice rest of the weekend.

  • Hmm, very amused at singleton's idea of "visionary", doesn't fit with any dictionary definition. Maybe too young to remember the advertising gambling to kids scandal, the Fakebook games fiasco, or ditching entire countries from playing after mis-reading proposed law changes.

  • control would get players banned in error, it happened to me when it objected to me changing the spellchecker on Firefox, quite how it thought that would give me an advantage in any game is still beyond me, especially as I was only ever playing free games at the time.

  • the Bogus Spinner to stop feeding them free money. The scores themselves were overwhelming evidence, for years Kworb's 18k stood as the record, yet suddenly complete novices were scoring 35k+, impossible scores. Despite this, they were allowed to continue, yet King's so-called security ActiveX

  • @rach, we banged our heads against that brick wall for years in a number of games, in the case of M Mahjong we even gave King links to Youtube videos of the cheat software in action, as well as screenshots of player profiles where they offered to sell it! Most of us abandoned selecting the game on

  • @ross..true that..they'll still get a nice little sum anyway with 2nd and 3rd..I bet they're more hurt by not being able to withdraw any of their winnings out anytime soon..or so it appears..karma?

  • I've been recommending, privately, the method of playing spinner games in a separate, "In Private or "Incognito" window, and it has worked for EVERYONE to whom I have recommended it. I haven't even asked what operating system or browser they are using. That's ONE less annoyance, anyway.

  • ouch. iceman and pikpikho both beaten, that won't go down well.

  • OMA'S birthday list May 9th : ----------- 3146 --- 857551 --- K8LOZ ---NERGRON --- RICK_BAKER --- RSN123 --- XPAC32101------SCARYMCFLY Just had surgery, is home now----------- Thanks xx

  • Why should we have to provide evidence when surely there should be something on this site that can detect the cheating ! Bubble Saga for instance , no way can that guy click that fast

  • It's about time those that are using software and bots had their accounts deleted. It honestly takes the piss ( don't like using such language) but when it's so obvious! They never play some of the games yet some how when it's decent money they play and win by a ridiculous margin.

  • i also have hardware acceleration on.

  • Now treating myself to some gentle classic Simon and Garfunkel <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Wp_C0AHKk

  • i use Windows 10 and the latest version of Edge browser and all games play fine.

  • RG not smart. If they pay 50 places in the spinner games have more winners to get money to play money games. Don't think RG thinks about us much

  • Good afternoon/evening all..after a long week of online school lessons with my little grand daughters I'm just kicking back, playing some free games and listening to some music, very relaxing. enjoy <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx0VrPgOhxs

  • Riccardo Zacconi who still owns this platform is a multi billionaire who would not sabatage a few bucks of refunds via Paypal. Please do not denegrate such a visionary who has created so much.