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  • The problem is he is a big fish in an ever decreasing small pond.

  • Just played Sticheroo Friday FR..Dang is there any game iceman is not good at?!!!

  • That don't understand what is going on! Sorry but enough to put anyone off here the way this site is working to date. I've changed my password several times since the site posted about! Hackers... But you always try to help like a few others. Best Wishes, stay safe. "E" ☀️ˋ‿ˊ☀️

  • Hi Sile, thanks for the post & screenshot! What date did you have that email? They've had long enough to correct it now! Before HTML5 games came along. Not so long ago the site requested us to change passwords due to hackers! Can't get my head around this! And also like me Ruth & many others!

  • ;)))

  • lolol snap Susan :))

  • Ruth it has been like that for a few years now However the important pages are secure look at this >> https://prnt.sc/nz1xse

  • @ruth Comgame posts this every time someone says the site isn't secure "I post this every time someone raises concerns about site security >> https://prnt.sc/nz1xse << as you will see on the important pages it is secure." The payment screen is encrypted.

  • our connection to this site isn't secure Don't enter any sensitive information on this site (for example, passwords or credit cards). It could be stolen by attackers, is this site not safe i,ve been on here 13yrs odd, and this pops up ???

  • Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate it today! Stay safe and wishing you all a lovely day. xxx

  • My definition of visionary is thought with imagination and application. R.Z. ticks all the boxes, a fortune made out of games that can be played totally free. Brilliant.

  • I have been informed I will lose my diamond VIP pass on June 6th because I have not played enough cash games. Went to check VIP meter it's not there neither is the bonus amount you would get if you deposit more money. This site has had it's day I only play the free games now.

  • I would just like to take this opportunity to wish a very happy Mothers' Day to the Moroccan woman, who bore the world's first, ever (known) nonuplets, this week. That'll keep her busy, for a while.

  • Saying I'd already played has only ever happened once to me so I asked support to tell me what score I'd got. I don't know if it was my message or simply the reset that susan mentions but 40 mins later I was able to play. Still didn't win though. Might be worth a try.

  • @ewo59 hahaaaa :) don't forget me when your rolling in the money.

  • Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's in the US and other countries that celebrate this Sunday. Have a great day hopefully with your families where possible.:0)

  • Reading you again rach? I will go to my mates house & get them to open a gold if that is still possible on her computer? different IP so me & mate will be loaded by Christmas & catch up with the iceman! But the deal is? 50/50 on wins! LOL. "E" :-)))

  • You will have to follow other media posts about him! I've been reading for ages tonight! Hope you find it useful? "E" :-) x

  • Hi everyone! Hope your all safe & well? yes rach I agree with you 100% Just popped on to read messages & posts here. Many of you might have seen this before? I was sent the link via a friend on here! Very interesting to read when you have time! King co-founder and chairman Riccardo Zacconi has left.

  • @grannyray..try it again, sometimes it resets within 15 minutes and will let you play..worth a try. Good luck and stay safe.