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  • OMA'S birthday list 12 MAY: ----------- ANNGORA--- --- BECKY5125 ------- CHARA20 --- JAYNE-O --- M.NICODEME --- MULLENULLE --------- MYMY57913--------- Thanks x x x

  • Am I the only one who finds Candy Crush exceptionally slow and boring to play?

  • Quite amazing, they respond and fix the 1th May quickly after we point it out, but months drift by with the important questions unanswered. :(

  • Your namesake RiccardoSpangle earns enough to withdraw daily ;)

  • @RickySpangle, yes can confirm that King employees exist. ;)

  • Sigh, private/incognito window, play bogus spin before anything else, fish poopers then works.

  • Black screen again on free spinner game puff fish puffers! No free spin game! Bummer!

  • @Filigree0, yet the login page still claims this is the world's number 1 site for Word games etc... I'd hate to be a member of number 2. :)

  • Kind of ironic site update blog refers to games no longer here.

  • He-he!

  • Another site update tomorrow I wonder what they can break this time lol :))

  • Then a get the famous message! You've play this game the max/ times!!! So I did not want you to think I declined you. I've played many of you for years now on Bubble Witch & never declined any of you in any game challs/ Only sometimes I've missed some challs/ hope you get to read this! "E" :-) xx

  • A post for my daily team senders! That send Bubble Witch every day. I seen there's been a update with the site this afternoon but I was away, I tried to play you all but just got a black screen several times! Goodness knows what's happened? yet I just played a random player & it played! "E" ☀️ˋ‿ˊ☀️

  • Lucky Lantern does not work, hangs at the end an 0 score

  • Hello FOOL !!! It has now been months since Lucky Lantern was promised, but it is still only available to VIP's - I doubt there are any VIP's left here. When will it be released to the rest of us ???

  • Yes we do Ricky.

  • Still no sports games, word games, hidden object games after all these months. The new formats don't work well with my computer and after all these years am disappointed with what is on offer.

  • great choice of Freerolls, in with a shout on two of them.

  • Do these people with the high scores actually exist?

  • I have been waiting for my withdrawal to process for over 3 months now. This is ridiculous. I'm starting to think this site will never give you any money for winning, they just take your deposit.