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  • Would be nice to play Lucky Lantern not just for stars. Come on RG - The site is getting boring playing the limited same games over and over.

  • PP may have closed down RG's account. What merchant wouldn't continue to sell their services if they had an option to? So sad, but I have a feeling RG is not long for this world...

  • I have a merchant PP account and disputes are handled quickly by PP. If someone makes a complaint about my product, those funds are frozen until the complaint is resolved, and returned to the purchaser if it isn't. The only way RG is not refunding would be they don't have the funds. more...

  • I wonder what grade RG management would give ITSELF, at this point.

  • Hurray! Lucky Lantern is back. How about multiplayer choice for this game?: And awards. Miss a lot Crescendo Catcher/ Crescendo Tempo. Want levels in every musical city in the world. Cornel, Romania May, 13, 2021 kiss

  • Oh yeah! Lucky Lantern is working fine. Thanks!

  • If we are going to have to wait to deposit until the refunds and withdrawal fiasco is sorted then maybe not for a while as taken months and I mean months to sort these issues out .

  • When can I do a deposit again?

  • No withdrawals and now not accepting deposits..... The end is nigh!

  • Hi everyone, been gone for a few days..great to have Lucky Lantern back and yes! we need a diploma for it now!

  • They should have had a dip for Lucky Lantern and other games.

  • Somehow RG is trying to make us play more cash games...We already have to start anew with a awards and stars, now the problem with not having enough cash to keep the meter alive...

  • You must play cash games even if they are 55 cents will with the free rolls.

  • The only way the spinner works is on Diamond Status for Papa pear.The rest have issues which I really don't bother playing anyways.I know how it works.

  • Playing Daily Free games and Spinner might maintain the gold status but not enough for VIP Diamond...

  • By playing very conservatively, I have PROFITED over $600, on my initial, one-time, $5 investment. Those who gamble more liberally probably have more FUN, but have to keep putting coins in the slot. My balance NEVER goes down, always up. To each his own.

  • If you just play the spinner games on a daily basis, on will maintain one's status. That's all I do. I rarely play for money, and I get continuing access to the spinner games. We all have varying strategies. Some of us play for profit, and some don't mind feeding coins into the slots.

  • You said it Terror.I don't think I will make it to fill meter this time. :((

  • Without deposits I wouldn't be able to play cash games. I wouldn't worry about RG as they know if our meters go down, we'd be playing lots of cash games to get back our status. Just hope they sort it out soon enough.

  • Sorry had enough! Those messages to them don't make any sense what so ever from the site! They just asked me to post what they had when they logged in. See you later & stay safe ok. "E" :-) x