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  • OMA'S birthday list 18 MAY: ------------- CACVDL ----------- MYBOO906 -----------SHORTEE3 ---------- SMILLE------------ Thanks x x x

  • I just think some are! "Compulsive Gamblers" & addicted! Glad I'm not!!! I Just like playing my friends in daily team challs/ for fun...

  • I used to play for points more than for the $. When you pay and play and get a zero score, over and over you stop throwing your money away. I try to guess how many times I get points taken away when I win a game, because of the zero.

  • @garydood123 I agree with your post 100% It's worthless...

  • @pnavillia I agree with you! I've played the King Saga games & no problem at all. I just noticed on my account my Diamond VIP have been extended to Sept/ or my is it going to take that long to fix it! If ever???

  • Why is everybody so obsessed with VIP status ?? It is completely meaningless and worthless !! and costs a fortune to build up. I had to play approx. £1000 worth of games to get to top status and saw no benefits whatsoever.

  • Ty :)

  • @Justbreathe456 it wasn't aimed at you :) I've seen you try quite hard on the blog but others would rather carry on putting a damp on things.

  • With all the complaining in here for the last year or so has anyone mentioned how odd it is that the games that started on this site and were transferred to King as Saga games work perfectly on King but not here? I'm sure our computer whiz will have an answer...xxx

  • Some of us like to keep the Diamond status as many know it takes a while to build up. Those that don't care about it that's up to the players. I lost my status before and had to rebuild again.

  • Rather unfair for people who lost their VIP status in the last month or so!!!

  • And it don't matter what method of payment you try to use! It's frozen.......

  • We're currently experiencing issues processing withdrawals, we've therefore paused new deposits while this is resolved. If you have existing credit there will be a delay before you can make a withdrawal and we are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

  • I just just checked? not that I want to deposit or withdraw my honey pot is empty! LOL. This was the heading!!! "Cannot process payment" Then this! 2nd

  • I am not one who complained about a game not working.You never saw me posting about that. I am one wants to play and deposit!!!

  • Why are so many of you moaning about not being able to deposit when the majority of you have also moaned about either a black screen or your score not being recognised?! Makes no sense

  • Paying out is far better than new games.

  • I would really, really, really like my money to be paid out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SilverBegonia - I miss Word Link so much! And some other games, too. Word Link and Midas Mahjong were my two favorite games. How hard would it be to convert them? And why not convert to Java?? Why HTML?

  • Great freerolls tomorrow, hope to see some of the names here in competition, hasn't happened yet but we live in hope.