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  • SO F***** ANGRY. HIGH SCORE and BAM not registered. Why do I even bother playing?? To get a 50 cent refund that I can't even redeem anymore???

  • And refund it in the cash we paid to enter, not more NWF

  • I second that, @wingstofly, happened to me many times as well.

  • This site has a serious PayPal problem obviously. I never saw such an issue before. Well RG's when you fix that bad problem can you fix the "0" score that shows up after a person plays a good game? Get a great score and it give a fat ZERO in the tourney for your score.

  • OMA'S birthday list 15 May ----------: --- DUKKELISEN ---ROCKIN-ROBYN --- YLS1957 --- TEEDEE23---------------------------- thanks xx

  • Funny. Good luck with withdrawals.

  • any closer to sorting withdrawals out yet, i've had one pending for almost 2 months now ?? all i got was wait till issue is resolved with paypal !!

  • All games loaded and played well... using Edge as browser.

  • Thats me played all my money and still can't deposit, how long does this take to fix.

  • Geweldig THX

  • i know it is frustrating but what is the point in complaining when they do not even listen or care anymore just wasting words lol

  • Does somebody have any idea about deluxe games coming back? I miss them all! Please comment on that if you guys know something, thanks. Cornel, Braila, Romania May 14, 2021

  • The avatars only show in our castle area. Since the change over from flash which kept them showing.HDMI they would have to work it so the avatars show in blog and gb.

  • Ace Solitaire is fixed back to where it belongs.Try Edge in private window and accept all cookies.It is suppose to give a better gaming play.I mentioned many times but some just let my post go and ignore.

  • Is it just me or has anyone elses avatar disappeared.

  • Spinner game didn't load again :(

  • smh lol

  • Did think lucky lantern might have been on the list to make players aware it has now been fixed, if they had brains they would be dangerous.

  • I am not seeing much variation on the choice of free games anymore

  • Changed browser from Chrome to Edge, suddenly everything works fine..!!!..