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  • I bet my X put £30 quid in his pocket to pay for the meal & wine I just had! I will never ever forget that day as long as I live! I only new how much I won because Daughter told me the following day when my hangover wore off! Don't worry he got a pay back off me when he was on the Scrumpy Jack :-) x

  • LMAO Sile, I would rather be in the arcades putting my 10p's in the slot machines? I had a jackpot one day at our local seaside of £50 quid! But it all came out in pound coins! Me Daughter & X were on our hands & knees picking it up? I'd been in the pub for lunch & had too many wines! 2nd

  • I can think of one as in judgemental!

  • Ooooh I think there are more than two categories.

  • It seems that people, here, fall into one of two categories, either those who play for profit, who moan about not being able to withdraw their winnings, and those who just blithely pump "coins" into the "slots," who moan about not being able to deposit more "coins."

  • Really Elaine I hadn't noticed rofl ;))))

  • The only thing that surprises me? is when I go on a vent! I don't hold back & speak my mind & just blurt out as many of you know! LMAO "E" :-)))

  • I don't use paypal normally the only reason I had an account was from my first withdrawal from here, paypal does not have any of my bank details or card numbers.

  • No me! I got sod all in my account! And I'm not moaning!!! I'm happy as Larry! When my friends are here! But you do get the odd ball? used to get them when I played in teams in 9 ball lmao... Which is sadly not here anymore! Or well maybe one day it will come back??? "E" :-)

  • It seem RG's having issues with PayPal and we're being penalized for their problems.:-/

  • Sile, I am set up to pay through PayPal so perhaps this is why. Once in PayPal, I can change to a back-up credit card but I suppose RG cannot know that...or it could be a bag of NWF...or whatever...

  • I wonder if that has something to do with it? nothing surprises me on here anymore lol :))

  • Sile, I am afraid I do...

  • Thats a very generalised statement, I have never moaned about not been able to withdraw funds in fact I don't have to withdraw lol :))

  • I guess not many have any funds on here judging by how long its taking to match someone in a game...

  • This forum cracks me up. You're all moaning that you can't withdraw, and that you'll never play cash games on this site again, and then you're depositing more money. You couldn't make it up!

  • OMA'S birthday list 16 MAY : -------- J8D --- LAMAPA516 ------SWAINY1 ------- YOOPERWANTOBE------- Thanks x x x

  • Hmm how strange is that as you can see by my video I managed to do it. Out of curiosity hun do you have NWF?

  • Sile, I just tried to deposit , this was the message: https://prnt.sc/12z5lw1

  • Time to go watch movies.Night all and take care xx