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  • I knew it was scam calls! If you press the buttons on the phone they will hack you & could charge you up to £400 pounds! My provider is SKY so I reported it to them, they were very helpful! I now have what they call SKY SHIELD & free of charge! So when I get a scam call Sky cut in first?

  • Another comment I would like to add? I seen your post Fran & rach yes scam calls have gone on a long time! But last year to date they got worse due to people being vulnerable due to the lockdown I had loads last year? pretending to be my Bank or Amazon! They ask you to press certain buttons on phone

  • @catplayer you got j8d username from posts on the blog! The way I do it is? go to friends & enemies on you profile! type in her username & will show in middle box, click on it & will send you to Jean! Hope you understand me? many players have different ways, it's just the way I find them! "E" :-)

  • I didn't have any problems depositing the last time..I don't use PayPal for it though. Please stay safe everyone.

  • It may be you have Paypal or you have enough money in your acct. to still play.

  • I still can not deposit money. Do you others have the same problem?

  • Oh you are a lovely lot of people - thank you for the response to visit Jean (j8d) and wish her a happy Birthday, thanks so much ...I know she will be delighted !!

  • Just got renewed as a gold player for another 3 months, now hope I can play games and not blackscreen or get zero score LOL

  • Eliane do you remember crash bandicoot l use to play RAY MAN on PlayStation 1 you can downloaded it on the App Store l think l meant downloaded it lmfao you will think l am off my rocket they were fantastic games

  • Regarding Oma I believe her personal life and commitments far outweighed Royalgames which is only right.

  • catplayer when you are on your profile scene page the URL is this > http://www.royalgames.com/community/profile.jsp?username=comgame&redirect=true in this case it has my name all you do after the username= is remove yours and in this case add j8d press enter and you will go directly to Jeans profile

  • I feel dumb but how do you find a name to send birthday greetings? And what DID happen to Oma? (I don't always read the comments.)

  • Playing here remines me of spectrum when loading games from tapes they was ok for a while but then all would freeze or collapse I guess this site is so old they they are still using tapes like in 70s and thats why nothing works. AT last I KNOW The answer. ;-))

  • Hi guys....Just a wee thought about the lady who has taken over from Oma and has kindly done her Birthday list since - namely Jean (j8d) its HER Birthday today 16th May so would you pleeeeeese pay her a visit and wish her well, thanks so much Gerry xxx

  • That scam is years old..

  • New Scam: Caller says: Call your bank. Your credit card info was hacked. When you hang up, wait a minute to be sure the line is clear before calling the bank. Scammers are staying on the line so if you pick up right away they may still be on the line & pretend they are the bank when you call out

  • Only 40 years? ;) Video games weren't "invented" in 1979 with the likes of Space Invaders, we were at it in the 60s and invented a nifty setup where computers all over the place could link up and form an unbreakable network. Sound familiar? ;)

  • C_V I'm going back nearly 40 yrs now! Maybe I should use my Daughters old Play Station 1 or X Box? the games were brill, but not like playing on a live game site! I also loved the Ray Man game I could not pass level 2! Yet my Daughter only young then would finish all levels! LOL "E" :-)))

  • memory, yet I still managed to baffle it by using the escalator link between Bank and Monument stations, it never did work that one out. :)

  • my turn to choke on a bottle of blackcurrant Cresta (It's frothy man) when it asked a later player "does it have suicidal tendencies?" ;) Another variant on that game was "How to get to any tube station from South Kensington". On that, it was on safer ground as the tube map was complete in its