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  • Appreciate the gesture Mr Clown how does many make of it? But majority of us will just want clear clarity about these processes, just eliminate the grey areas, uncertainty and speculations and possibly an estimation of things getting resolved

  • Offering us VIP membership is like offering us a pack of used bog roll .... completely worthless !!!!!!!!!!

  • Call that Compensation ?!?!?!?! Thanks for nothing you patronising idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just hate the fact that they refuse to reinstate ANY word games. Word Link was my highest ranking, and I used to play it all the time for relaxation. I really miss it.

  • Some of us can deposit when using our nominated credit card its seems its just Paypal that you can't deposit from hun, so they are saying those that cannot will not lose their VIP status for 3 months hopefully the problems should be sorted by then surely?

  • some compensation when we cant even deposit ...what is the point in that....unbelievable

  • Daily freerolls would be nice, indeed. Or just our withdrawals. That would be better.

  • Give everybody diamond VIP for ONE year

  • You call this compensation? I call it humiliation.

  • Well at least they took me up on my suggestion to freeze the VIP status for what thats worth.

  • 3 months? With little money I have left to play.All the games I played yesterday and percentage moved to one 1% more.It's the same winners getting the pot and ot leaving for another player to try and win :(((

  • You could at least give us some more Freerolls and bonus spinners until you manage to fix it.

  • @EWO: I sincerely hope that this website survives and recovers from this near death experience, but if it doesn't, my only remaining concern is getting my withdrawal, because it would be criminal, otherwise. If I don't though, I'm already ahead $500, so, essentially, I've had all this fun for free.

  • Good luck! F/J/S I'm selling mine on Ebay! Joke ok but I know where your coming from! For years as you know Star Diamond is worthless now unless you play for cash to up your ranking! Me not interested now. And you can't deposit or withdraw they've shut it all due to PAYPAL issues with this site.

  • Well, I just snagged another 3,700 jewels, in the afternoon freeroll, so now I'm only 9,289 from the magic, 7 million, jewel milestone. I know it doesn't get you anything, but it leaves nothing to "work" for.

  • @sharleo I was raiding by Daughters bedroom earlier? she's moved away now many years! I now found a P/S 4 & many games to play! But tomorrow I will be trying to connect it! Wish me luck! Some games cost over £30 pounds, now I know why my bank balance went down years ago. LOL "E" :-)))

  • ewo c-v I hava nintendo 64 ,i love it mario cart ,banjo kazooie ,super mario.blast corps and heaps more lots of fun

  • Hi F/J/S Now seen your post! Or wow yes my Daughter is clever & I think your right! Also you understand what she done! Me I'm clueless in some things on a tech side of a computer! Don't worry about a Star Diamond? worthless & cant do anything with that level. I have more fun with mates on my silver

  • OMA'S birthday list 17TH MAY: --------------- MONARA60 -------- MOTHERBOO--------Royal anniversary: -----GEENA.KING (10 years)----------- Thanks xx

  • LMAO Sile you got me to a "T" No messing me & had a old banger of a car then so if I come close to a BMW they would brick it! Ha! Ha! No mercy me for new cars when I was in the right! Stuck up f..kers! Off do my online food shop now! So you will all have quiet for only a short while! Loved the video