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  • I've not seen anyone comment on this before, but what I noticed immediately at the same time was that the ranking levels have been combined to include more players (ie before, levels 3000 to 4000, now play ranks 3000 to 6000). Fewer payout spots, fewer games, less fairness in ranking position

  • both CV and pcmacbob have pointed out was the payout change spots from top 50 to top 15-30 players in the daily freespins. This happened immediately when the change from Flash was affected in early January. Same number of players on the site, fewer payouts. Another huge change has also happened

  • why are the games not loading?

  • Surely the basic games like Wordlink and Hex etc you should be able to get, they aren't exactly complicated. Now you can't play even if you want to waste your money! I used to love this site when it was still called King.com.

  • Me too, still waiting

  • Still waiting to deposit so I can play cash games. This site is getting ridiculous now.

  • Again, again and again., On the free spin, I get the black screen again and again. Not fun anymore.

  • Yes CV having Word Link back would be great..loved to play it, one of my favorites...Midas Mahjong as well ;))

  • Would have broken even on my PP/Bogus Spin faux pas if they still paid top 50, the paid for entry was in the paid top 30 until very late on, when 20 German accounts suddenly appeared with higher scores and pushed me out of the money. :(

  • @robinj, too right, but want the originals of Word Link, Keyword, TMS, not the childish remakes that made poor balroc turn in his grave. Plus Scrabble Zing of course.

  • Thanks Juelma, somewhere in these many boxes still to be unpacked is the full commercial game of Chuzzle (+Christmas Chuzzle), but I would really like to finish my cup game here, or at least get paid/refunded for it. Also have several of the licensed Popcap games like Bejeweled2 and Amazing Advs. :)

  • I played a free game on Bubble Witch HTML5, then when I went to play a cash game, twice it didn't load. Not sure why they would put a game on that doesn't work!

  • FURIOUS!! Again a highscore on candy crush and AGAIN it did not register. I AM DONE. Just gonna play the freebies from now on that's it. THIRD time that has happened. Could have won like 30$ but no, they are just trolling you here on this site. Also still waiting for my payment weeks and weeks now!

  • Games are loading much faster lately. The last update helped a bit. Still not as good as before HTLM5, though.

  • OMA'S birthday list 20 May ---------------- --- HAMYHAKKI --- LIANNE.NL.NL --------------------------- Thanks x x

  • Fix deposits so we can play cash games.

  • So, on my VIP Spin as a $2.80 winner, if I choose Pepper Panic at the Platinum level, the game works fine. If I choose it at the Gold level, the screen goes black, never loads and I get hosed out of the free game. I know, don't choose Gold - but I forget sometimes, lol!

  • Does anyone know if the VIP meter even working ? Since they put the percentage in the account area it has been about ten days. Not counting freerolls I have paid for 76 games and my percentage has not moved at all. Anyone else notice this problem ?

  • if the deposit site doesn't open fast - Royal games will be losing a lot of customers including me.

  • I agree...!! 100% +...:))