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  • I think it's good to play on several sites, RG, DC, WW... they all have something good and different games, I wish you good weekend people !

  • Justbreathe45 because this is a free speech blog, if you don't like to read it nobody forces you, I wish you a good Friday.

  • Why don't someone make their own blog and talk over there about what you want?

  • Go back to (2) head to head players. Paypal said they have no problem with it.

  • I believe it to be a bit of stealth marketing going on, one way of acquiring punters by dangling carrots and obtaining free advertising from disgruntled customers.

  • Take your dumb theories that don't exist do keep to yourself.

  • Mary met her husband when he worked in a zoo he was in his uniform – straightaway she knew he was a keeper.

  • does anyone know anything about royalgames withdrawals and their alleged problem with paypal?

  • Great news on ppl finally getting their money!

  • And we need to go back to 2 player HTH. I am finding it almost impossible winning any games ):

  • I just received my money from RG. I assume there'll be a lot of slightly less grumpy people here soon.

  • We'll need more than just one player though, fingers crossed :)

  • @Sile I remember you posting that about the 6 months..I'm hoping things will open up sometime this month as well. Nice to hear some positive news :)))

  • I did mention a few months ago that paypal can freeze accounts for up to 6 months, we are just about there now, so maybe hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the hiatus.. I hope so anyway ;))

  • Hoping that is the MB we are only going by the lady below StjarnOga saying that she finally has her payout.

  • People are mentioning deposits a lot.....are withdrawals working again?

  • If they are paying out, they should open up the deposits again.

  • Great to hear. I am waiting on new pic approval for Ellie,hope that happens today.

  • Congratulations Stjam..thanks for letting people know..maybe things will be finally looking up for them!

  • Thanks for finally getting settled with paypal re withdrawals. I just got mine! Wohooooo!