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  • I've been there already pintar. Looks promising. I just don't like all this pretence that's going on.

  • @ mews, your better off here.They don't have nearly what is here.Some are not giving good news about it.It's from friends I know,don't want you taken advantage of over there.Things should look much clearer sooner.

  • Did anyone actually realized that the Friday Freerolls has stopped to exist? Normally you had 3 days time to play those and now they are all gone. Well folks, enjoy yourself as long as it takes.... I am off to the other site which some people take offends when it is mentioned. LOL

  • Hey you were correct comgame! Hha

  • They must think we're all stupid. What's all this spamming achieving? it's so annoying! Unless it's to drive us all away from here to their new games site so they can close this one down? The more these fake accounts promote it the more reluctant I am too go there.

  • what attracted my attention to register in DC was the design, it is very different to what we were used to

  • I'm taking bets on the next touters here are the runners so far > https://prnt.sc/14f35fi

  • I wish you all a good Sunday!

  • @wrinkles10 - So who are you going to come back as next time? Which new persona will you use??

  • Yep and when we post something funny talk about the weather my left foot or someone elses granny one of touter accounts will be back with more drivel to try and keep the pathetic attempt at advertising going, I am afraid you got bad advice when it come to selling yourself.

  • wrinkles10 someone told me that before the end of the year royalgames will cease to exist and will only be dedicated to mobile games, I don't know if it will be true anyway.

  • I don't know what you are talking about but nobody is interested !

  • A USA flag but the money winning gave it away.

  • Another sleeper account >> https://prnt.sc/14f0jz2 << how many is that you have now? Its entertaining watching you bounce from one to the other, all dormant till February strange that coinciding with the domain name update then as well. ;))

  • by chance, the first positions are won by ghost accounts, no deposits can be made and payments do not arrive either

  • I had been at the top of the RG freerolls for an hour, until there started to be very strange scores at the top...

  • A blonde has sharp pains in her side. The doctor examines her and says, "You have acute appendicitis." The blonde says, "That's sweet, doc, but I came here to get medical help."

  • more bs from the marketing spammers I see

  • hello everyone i wanted to tell you that my payment from royalgames did not arrive and their answer to my ticket was ''we are still having paypal problems, it will be solved soon'' that's what they say since february....