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  • Hi everyone! I read your posts I will comment later about them. But first I had some brill news today? my Daughter who most of you know is a Graphic Designer! Got a job today with BCB I will send the link in a few seconds. Their used by the! Military/NHS & Police & so on. I'm so happy!!! :-)

  • I wanna be the old boot :))

  • I have just switched on my TV and the programme playing is ' Who's behind the Mask '

  • Sounds great PW,would make a good online game to play.

  • I was able see it after the 5th try.guess it wasn't my eyes after all lol

  • my old monopoly board ;-))

  • So does anyone know of any good new game sites?

  • Our computers went down at work today, so we had to do everything manually... It took me twenty minutes to shuffle the cards for solitaire

  • Could do a topical one considering the cyber attack we had, Its not been funny to work in the health service or indeed be a patient awaiting treatment etc because of it but we have to keep the bright side out. >>

  • why not? repeated posts are trending right now ;-))

  • I PM'd you hun not going to repeat it like one of my old jokes lol :))

  • @JB its' there I saw it..it just takes a while to come completely up.

  • I don't see it sile,you sure it's there? Maybe it's my eyes.

  • @Mitch - Thanks for qualifying. I'm not so hot on computers either. Have a good evening.

  • Yes JB that was what I had in the print screen down the page.

  • I just noticed some have not been on here for 8 years.They are not cash players but yet still show to post just recently?

  • Not personally cheekbones3 but someone had mentioned it to me pffft!

  • That is what makes it so suspect as an inside job so to speak, and yes Fran the best form of defence is attack, shame it was towards you though.

  • It's a shame this spam is happening. I assume some of you will have had the direct messages from them as well.

  • Yes @flw, noted and agreed, it is good to see well known players respond. The same well known players who have been served with bans in the past for less than is going on here right now.