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  • Whatever

  • and just cause I can.

  • Justbreathe, I make Plenty as an electrical engineer so I could care less about the 100$. I't;s about principles at this point. Basically I'm doing it cause i'm pissed and for fun cause i'm also bored.

  • Not a post for all to be behind.Some words would not be from me to back!!!

  • Speak only for yourself. Don't involve me into your petty words.

  • Go Joe Thunder GO!!! We're all behind you on this one!

  • Canadiens are a fickle bunch. I once had a "Canada" ball cap style hat on my head on an airplane flight. Some wacky canadian woman actually shoved my shoulder and was irked because I was not Canadian and shouldn't be wearing it. Say whaaaat?!?

  • I suggest you guys who use paypal call them(number is on their website under contact us) and do the same. thay will give you the info you ask for because You are their client not Midas.

  • Joe_Thunder Well at least you put the "polite Canadian" stereotype to rest.

  • They are also in contact with my lawyer. Next call after this is to F.B.I I warned you Royal not to futz with me. Guess you thought I was joking. Arrogant Americans.

  • Just got the phone with Paypal. Sent screenshot of my acct withdrawl. They are not aware of any current legal battle with Midas or were they aware I even took 100$ out. They have assured me as per my request that they are now launching an investigation into MidasPlayer. I'll keep u guys updated.

  • Your very welcome :)

  • Thanks JB!!

  • Just change what you want without saying here.Please don't respond to anymore messages like that.You have a block button when receiving a message,click on that and you will be fine to. Jb

  • So I got 2 messages, one each from shadar88 and sylvia02. Both telling me about the site that won't be named, and just like a dummy, I responded to both....then I read the comments here in the blog. So what can I expect now? i did go change my password. Thanks for help!

  • BTW I have MagicJack, free long-distance anywhere in North America. I can stay on the phone all day won't cost me a dime.

  • Just got off the phone with Paypal. Agent will be calling me in 30m-1h. I'll let you know how it goes. Will give them my withdrawl request. Bout to find out exactly what thehell is going on. You better HOPE they go with your narritive Royal. God help you if they tell me otherwise!

  • Oh kaaay.... tell us how you really feel. Clearly you're not getting any better.

  • get this message...You just reached a new ranking level. You are a great player Congratulations! New skill level: Stitcheroo HTML5 King Stitcheroo HTML5King Jewels: 3,000 . So I haven't cashed in a tourney in this game in a month, but now my ranking goes up ? I call BULLSHIT !!

  • It should not take any TIME to accomplish the delinquent withdrawals, as they can all be done simultaneously. Withdrawals are either working, or they're not. RG has already HAD an excessive amount of time.