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  • I will do robin

  • Oh and this one from page 3 of this blog >> https://prnt.sc/14qk1r4 << Ohh and Kate I must be a terrible player too as not wanted either lol ;))

  • Disgruntled player's that send msg's....Copy ..past + send to Support..!! don't know how..many do...i will help.. as will many others.!!...

  • Comgame, I think they're more scammers than spammers.

  • I got a text message, This morning SENDER: LUCKYU_30 SENT: 07/06/21 23:43 Message: You are a great player, I recommend the site www.duelcash.com, they deserve a great player like you, they have great prizes. Happy day!

  • They are the new touters/spammers >> https://prnt.sc/14qs3hy << However guys just a thought you are inadvertently doing their job for them by mentioning the said site lol :))

  • As you can see from below, I also got a spam message regarding the "unmentionable site". What I do with spam messages in my e-mail? I do not open them and delete them at once! These people just want your financial information.

  • Awww. Nobody invited me. Apparently I'm not a great enough player. <sigh>

  • From Shadar88: "I was visiting your profile and I wanted to let you know that more than 10000 royalgames users went to www.duelcash.com, I recommend you to send 1 ticket and they give you $1 usd welcome :)"

  • KUDOS...to ALL the Captain's on board...!!...Do not throw the spammers a life preserver..let em' swim to shore...:))

  • qaz111111 Mine was from the different person she sent me a pm message

  • qaz111111 I got the same message what you got

  • This is very wrong. Why are these people contacting me about these other sites? I suggest reporting them and banning them from RG. SAMBLUES just posted (below) a rumour about RG and this other site and then tells me this (unsolicited.) This is like an American election ! Disinformation and lies.

  • SAMBLUES sent me a PM telling me: "You are a great player, I recommend the site www.duelcash.com apparently RoyalGames is financing this site but they do not admit it, try the games are very good, good day."

  • @MrMagoo, I have problems with puff Fish loading as well. Refreshing the page before selecting game has helped a great deal, especially with the Bonus Spinner.

  • whatcha get when you mix a pit bull with Lassie?? A dog that'll bite your leg off then runs for help..

  • Doggone good joke.

  • Good joke sile :))

  • I played them earlier hun may get to play one game out of the winnings from them all lol :))

  • Thanks @maZZini! I just played it :)) There is 8 freerolls on the rg calendar!